Quitters, ranking system and matchmaking killing gears 5

I don’t want this to be just a rant so I’ll try to keep this as constructive as possible in the hope that some good can come out of it.

Been playing gears 5 since launch now and there are a few issues that are driving a lot of the fan base away, I’ve noticed a lot of the gamers I’ve played gears with over the years are spending a lot less time on gears 5 and are playing other games because of the issues.

Here are mine and my friends biggest concerns…

Quitters. I know this isn’t something that just effects gears but a lot of other online games as well, if you’re going to have ranked matchmaking the quitters are just killing the competitive element as well as the overall enjoyment and gaming experience. In ranked games I would estimate that 90% of games I have played have had quitters which just spoils the game completely. Punishments need to be harsher to make it better for the community.


Ranking system. I know this has already been debated a lot so will keep it as short as possible. In my experience as well as my friends experience, the only logic I can take from it is that you’re rank is down to k/d alone- Which in a game mode like KOTH makes no sense what so ever. In my opinion you can have a great k/d but be a terrible KOTH player and lose a high percentage of games. Don’t get me wrong, high skill players with crazy amount of kills should be rewarded but that shouldn’t be at the expense of good players playing the objective to win that match. Please make the ranking system more balanced for all players.


Matchmaking. I’ve been playing the game since it’s release. I live in the UK. Apparently it was reported that there were nearly 3 million people playing the game in the first week…,so why am I being placed in American servers so often?! It doesn’t make sense to me. I’d rather wait an extra 10 minutes in a matchmaking lobby and be placed in European servers than play in messy 100+ ping matches. Please improve the match making system so that games are fairer.

Hopefully some of these issues can be fixed going forward. Gears has been a success for Microsoft and it shows that there’s still a lot of love for gears but fixes need to be made to bring the hardcore fans back to the game and make it better for new players joining the community.

Literally wrote up the same post. Ranked matchmaking is ■■■■■■■ GARBAGE. Useless, every game I have someone leve and im trapped in a death simulator for another 20 minutes. Unable to leave due to PENALIZATION. ■■■■■■■ waste of a $60 title. WHEN FREE TITLES CAN PULL OF A SIMPLE RANKED MATCHMAKING