Quitters Playlist

Before you try and implement another ban thats only gonna be messed up like in Gears 4. Just make it so quitters can only play with each other. Your ban doesn’t effect them the way you thought it would. They just jump on another game. I see it all the time. And ever once in awhile I’ll send a message asking why they quit. And the response is usually the same "Oh my friends invited me to play (insert sh*tty game here).


I’ve always said that Microsoft should allow a Platform ban rather than a simple game ban.

I too see a lot of quitters simply just switch games.

If you quit out of X game, then the account should get the respective times ban from all online Xbox Live activity.

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Mostly they jump on Fortnite or FIFA. lmao


Platform ban is a bit harsh sometimes their internet gets cut out or they actually get DC’s from the game and get kicked when it’s not their fault. You know GOW4 has all these connection issues so alot of the time the cause is the game. I’d get frustrated too when i cant even get back in as it has happened to me before. Hopefully Gears 5 resolves these issues.

It very rarely happens to me due to the games fault.

If you are disconnecting all the time and cannot complete the matches, then rightly so a platform ban - if it’s once in a while then 15-30 min is not that bad.

Because I always see people simply go to others game.

I definitely think they should have a quitters playlist but nothing ranked tho. Just somewhere where all of them can go play and quit before the matches are complete :sweat_smile: Maybe they can earn credit for staying in consecutive matches, basically earn their rights to play on Ranked Playlist

What an amazing idea! A lobby where they could work off quitters debt in order to gain the right to play with others!

And in this lobby they don’t rank up in terms or tiers but only levels!