Quitters/Lagged Out

For a quitter on a ranked match, maybe an idea would be to take out a player from the full squad with the closest score as the player who quit or lagged out until the person comes back or next match. 4vs 4, It’s better to have one person suffer than 4 people disgruntled.

Let me get this straight.

Top guy of team 1 has 5 kills.

Top guy of team 2 has 20 kills.
2nd top guy of team 2 has 5 kills.

If top guy of team 1 left or quit. Which guy of team 2 would get removed? The top guy of team 2 with 20 kills who is MVP.

Sorry, but this is bad idea.


Instead, a bot would replace the quitter for Ranked in Gears 5 Tech Test. You can try it out later.


No I tried to say that the player with the closest score, I guess that would very between kills, caps, assists, markings and everything in between. But it would be the 2nd player by your description. 4 vs 4 sounds better than a bot. Maybe a bot with the same skill capacity as the person who left.

I hope bots overall become improved in gears 5 when the game releases in September.

Soooo someone quits or lags out and YOU are “forced” to quit until the little angel decides to come back?

Does it sound fair when you’re the one being punished?

We can either pray the bots are worthy this time or TC applies some serious archaic torments to quitters.


You want to punish an active player because someone was a little baby and quit?

It sucks that some people refuse to finish a match and yes it hurts their team but forcing someone else to not play isn’t the answer.


I think its best for no quitting bonuses. Even matchmaking penalties dont work. But exclusive skins for long term of not quitting might.

I want the bots to be friggin gods ,damn near unbeatable !!
Usually the ones that quit are worthless bots anyway,I say let them quit and give me godbot on my team

This is REALLY your solution???

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Yeah they should just make a million clowns of @III_EnVii_III. And have them be the bots.

Freudian slip: i meant Clones.

The matchmaking is just bad. Just make it like CoD. If players quit, players join in real time. When a game ends, the same lobby with the same players stays active. Those who want to leave the lobby do so, those who want to stay do so, other players join.

Not sure why this has to be so difficult, other than to make the playlists seem ultra hardcore and competitive, which is dumb.

Thats the whole point of Ranked is its supposed to be competitive. Thats why they have social

What is social? One option with all the modes and the lobby votes on the game mode hence there’s no guarantee a player is playing the mode they want?

Ranked is so competitive man. Players quitting and the game carrying on with uneven teams. So competitive.

Its competitive when noone quits. About 1/100 matches.

Most people that quit shouldnt be playing ranked in the first place because they cant handle loosing

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Its simple take the most popular character skin and make it a exclusive ranked reward for not quitting. Lets see what happens. Have a few different streak rewards and add a new one each season.

Changing the dynamic of a match by adding new players doesn’t make it competitive. Join in Progress is a badly designed idea because it actually punishes a player that searches for a match by forcing them into a game in which is a guaranteed loss.

Gears and Halo both have never had the option to JIP and never should. Leave it be. Don’t like quitters? Get some friends. That’s what I did and I only play ranked when they’re online. Problem solved. There is ALWAYS a solution to your madness but you want to punish someone else for your enjoyment. Guess what though? That same player who was placed in is more likely to quit rather than stay and you’ll lose regardless.

I’d say make an embarrassing skin that is forced on you if you’re a quitter for a set period of time.

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Im down with that too.

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Get them to create a Barney the Dino skin!

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