Quitters for days

Man, look at the quitters! I felt bad for the guy on the other team, all of this happened before the second round too. This is getting out of hand. I don’t even take this game seriously anymore but sheesh.

That about sums up KotH…

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I am having no luck. Of 5 games last night, 4 of them has 2+ ppl back out

I’ve played a few Comp 2.8 Matches and every single one has Quitters :-1:

Quitters for Weeks.

I had a 2.8 match like that last night. By round 3 four people quit. I thought the quit penalties would help a little bit, but definitely did not.

hey at least we know they’re quitters and we can avoid them…wait

I haven’t played for over a week now but when I was, I did notice less quitters than before the harsh penalties went into effect.

Yeah it’s bad had a bunch of 3v5s today no fun for either team imo

Seems like it might be a server prob but it also seems like it happens to those who start out losing too smh

Played a bunch of matches over the weekend, most matches than not had at least one person quit. Odd observation though… the “Return to Menu” option was visible immediately after the first person quit, you didn’t have to wait 7 minutes for it to appear…

For me it’s normally 5 minutes.