Quitters every game

It can’t be only me that has a team mate quit every single game? I play King of the Hill and have just had someone quit on me 6 games in a row. Even when a player on the other team quits its boring and unbalanced.
I’ve just rage uninstalled as I can’t seem to play a single game without ruining it, I’d rather have a bot on my team than a man down on KOTH.

(I solo search as all my friends are fed up of gears 5)


Welcome to the party pal!


With all the ■■■■■■■■ going on, i understand quitters. One Game You have real bullets, the next 3 games you shoot popcorn. All the bans dont help people quit anyway this broken game.

And no i dont play ranked.


quitters in ranked, especially KOTH which is basically all I play, I’m convinced though that there’s virtually nothing you can do to stop people from quitting though. And even when a company DOES do something awesome, like give habitual quitters two year bans, the community that claims to hate quitters rallies to defend the quitters. So…we’re effed there.

What they CAN do is make the experience less dreadful for those who actually stay in the game. FOR YEARS I have been calling for the option to surrender matches. A TDM lasts maybe ten minutes, so like…I don’t wanna stay in a bad TDM but at least it’s only ten minutes. And you can super clutch a TDM, or any non objective game. A KOTH can take a 20-30 minutes, or God forbid an escalation match which takes even longer, and that’s too long to just sit there and get smoked because I had a teammate quit, or I’m stuck with the guy who doesn’t know how to play. So…seriously, let us surrender. There’s no legit excuse to not allow this. And punish the ever-loving snot out of quitters. Two years, four, gimme MORE MORE MORE.


They need to stop wasting time trying to punish quitters and fix the reasons why people are quitting.

  • unbalanced matches.
  • inconsistent gnasher (worst out of any gears game, even more broken in TU 3).
  • broken ranking system.

If even these 3 things were fixed, I bet quitting would go down substantially. I hate quitters with a passion, but I can understand why people are quitting.

I’ve quit about two games out of probably 600 games I played so far, but I often have to fight the urge to quit due to the aforementioned issues.

It’s not fun being gibbed from 10ft away, whilst your gun is doing little to no damage from 2 inches away from the enemy.


Exclusive skins to non quitters, problem solved.

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I dont agree with not punishing quitters. If its a ranked mode the bans should be extensive. But there should also be maybe some incentive to stay. Reward non quitting streaks. The problem is being able to separate quitters from actual internet connection interruptions.

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Rolling lobbies with join in progress & bot filling in certain modes like KOTH. ffs it aint that deep :man_facepalming:

People that care about ranked should play competitive (but off course they’d have to put more game modes there ie KOTH etc)

Truth is casual players who want to play only a specific game mode are FORCED into rank to do so

All TC have to do is look at how all other popular multiplayer shooters handle their lobbies… yet Gears has to be an outlier in this regard :roll_eyes:

Oh and fcku quitters, scum of Gears. Inconsiderate prix


If this game had close to a healthy playerbase sure, such things could be entertained. TC’s incompetence scared off a lot of people who are not coming back. This game hasn’t bee out a year and it’s in bad shape. You add bans into that now for people quitting unplayable games then everyone else is gonna be one here complaining they cant find matches.

This is a giant problem and TC already sunk the ship they are just trying to milk the remaining players for iron sales while this game remains on life support.

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I can agree with that TC definitely screwed up releasing a half baked Beta.

The game is in a state where when you shoot people they dont die. Ever. Was playing a match last night providing lancer support watching a dude 1 v someone else. He was tagging him, I was, then another threw a grenade. He walked through the grenade, eventually killed the dude from my team at which point dude just quit.

We lost, but I understand. Not mad at him. Its like the game determines at a point who the winner will be and theres nothing you can do about it.


I have a feeling there were major server problems yesterday. I got booted every few games with a solid connection on my end. I know there are too many other problems to list (quitters included) but I think if you are angry about quitters from yesterday you have to take into consideration Christmas service issues.

I’m not saying not to punish them. I’m saying they should fix the reasons why people quit first, then punish anyone who quits after that.

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You’re just a quitter, and you’re bitter cause i came along…

I think a game that I played quite a bit, SFV, went about it the right way. We don’t have a ton of players currently circulating the game so 2 year bans don’t make a lot of sense. What I think WOULD be a potential solution is group all the quitters in lobbies of their own.

The game should keep track of how frequently a player stays in a match/quits and over time develops a “ranking” for those players. Players who quit often, will be playing with like minded individuals. Players who don’t quit, will get paired with players that don’t quit. This isn’t to say this solution is perfect, but it’s much better than what we have right now.

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Quitters arent the big problem hahaha ban em youll have nobody playin cause the game sucks so bad


Can you really blame people for quitting this game the game is boring as hell its a competition on who can sponge the most shots and who can spam wall cancels the fastest it’s a farce.

For me i uninstalled the game today there’s far better things to do and games to play.


They leave the game, no matter the mode, PvP, Escape or even Horde. I do not play much PvP, i hate PvP, so when i am forced to play it, i will go on Vs Bots, and even then, it is a pain in the rump steak. But, it is not competitive, so that is a good thing.
Horde, now that is a huge problem for me, i hate going in to an Advanced game and someone leaves the game, it makes it harder to play, mostly impossible.
The Coalition added Custom, i think this is the worst thing they could have done, it is even worse than the normal Horde. Private Custom, yeah, but this one, totally crap.
Escape mode, well you do get them, although it has only happened twice.
The game does not play the way it should do, the game is not as good as it should do, and as a Gears game, there are parts of it that just do not feel like a Gears game.


Half of the quitters also have no choice, the game has horrendous connection and ping so a lot of the people who try to play get kicked from the games since it’s sooo bad,

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The obnoxious thing is that they quit and go play fortnite instead, it’s clearly 12 year olds that download gears 5 free with the gamepass

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