Quitters and Laggers

There needs to be some type of update that address the the constant issue of people quitting or lagging out of the game in ranked. I would say 40% of the time a teammate lags out or quits and this is detrimental since ever player is needed in these games. I don’t know if it’s a server issue or whatever but this shouldn’t be a thing after making five previous games before this one. If consistently we’ll be losing a teammate 4 out of 10 games I think there should be shorter respawn times for the handicapped team and honestly I’d take a bot over being down a teammate (they can at least play the objective). Along with this I believe the lose penalty should be reduced for staying in a game where you are put a disadvantage for something you have no control over. Put yourself in the players shoes and imagine how frustrating this is for someone who loves Gears but turns off his Xbox because he can’t even get a fair fight.

We are continuing to investigate the issues behind the recent server latency issues, from our investigations last week we have now taken some initial steps on Versus servers first to start to rectify this, if this is successful, we will look to propagate it to the PvE servers.
We will continue to monitor as the week progresses and keep you updated as to our next steps.

Already in the game. You get compensated for quitters in your team.