Quitters all the quitters

Quitters left and right…every match there are quitters.

Hey TC do something about it…seriously


Patience is a virtue, think about it instead of complaining.

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it’s a joke. Played 8 games and each game I had at least 1 quitter in it, my last game was a 2v5!

Why you loose points for having quitters on your side is beyond me and unfair.

Almost impossible to level up high as a solo player

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Yes I don’t know of any other game, off the top of my head, that penalizes you for someone else quitting a match.

Makes no sense.

Very unhelpful. Thx for the contribution.


Quitting should reset rank to bronze.

Disconnects happen but are fairly rare.

Want to get tough? That would do it for most.


0-14 … probably was right about to turn the corner if there was another round.

Nah he was not playing, three left imediatly and he just stayed in spawn doing nothing

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They’ve been saying they’re going to do something about quitters for at least 6 months now. How patient do we have to be?

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Punishing quitters already exists, and punishing more will not change much since those who quit will no longer play and will remain stationary until the next game.
For experience, the problem comes from ping gaps (> 20) between players and makes the game unbalanced and unplayable … This is why some give up.
Concerning myself, I play and lose until the next match hoping that it will be balanced at least 1 time to win and wait until next week until the end of the operation (for the achievement) because this is really boring…So maybe, at the start of Op 4, there will be fewer people who quit the match …

Imagine losing all your games (be crushed) cuz gainst stacks and ur alone with craaps/solo players. After several same issued games u litteraly have no more patience. Like when u fell it’ll be an impossible unfaire game to win, why waste your time again? Screew this game and just quit !!

You must be one of the quitters

Check my pic, 3 quit almost imediatly and the othetr player never started playing so from the first round I was alone against a full team.

Did I quit?

Hell no.

Im proud of you dude u have time to waste it seems to, personnaly i don’t :slight_smile:

I dont have time to waste, thats why I stayed instead of getting a quit penalty, that and every kill felt supersweet

I dont give a F… to penalty dude… game messes with u each game, why have i to be fairplay while it definitly not with you in matchmaking/ranking ?

Personnally i play pvp for achievement and i don’t care about s… PVP when my team lose i quite because no time to waste . And i don’t care totaly about penality or stupide ranking bronze platinium or what else … I DON’T CARE AS my primo t-shirt of my live you understand ???
So if you won’t quitters it’s TC at no make achievements for this mode … I know many friends hate playing at pvp gnasher slide slide of gears but play for achievements obligation …
If you are fan of pvp etc do your team and play team vs team you won’t be penalized by don’t carring guy as me …

I have zero faith in TC addressin quitters. I wonder if they even know how big of a deal it is to most players cos they aint actin like it.

Its a joke at this point

Almost every match I play there is at least 1 quitter