Quitter/Away from controller update

The amount of quitters and people in game, but not playing is honestly unbelievable. Even when you climb through gold and ongx etc… i still see people not even playing or even worse, just shooting their guns into the air and not contributing AT ALL to the objective.

This seriously needs to stop, and people who quit from ranked matches sbould not just be banned for 15 minites or whatever it is. I know the severity of of punishment differs i guess from how often you quit out. But it needs to be more serious for those who repeatedly leave the game and then we lose because of it. Losing half of my ranked matches today PURELY because of idiots and afkers is not fair, and i dont want to feel like i NEED to pair up with friends just ot play online… the experience should already be formated properly if i want to jump in solo. For ■■■■■ sake if onyx and diamond players are ■■■■■■ around and leaving games what is the end?


There is another side of this debate. Namely that the current bans are effecting people who don’t quit, but who lose connection to the severs.
I cannot tell you how many times I have been kicked/banned because of an issue with Gears or the servers. And I know many others have too.
Now I am all for banning legit quitters. I had 3 players quit on a Koth game today. Completely ruined the entire game. But I think that TC should remove their bans until they are able to determine who quit on purpose, and who was kicked because of problems with the game itself or servers.
Now you can try to rejoin a game once you have reestablished connection, but most of the time, the game has already ended.
What you must also realize is that the penalties continue after the actual time ban. You have credit bans that go on for awhile. Which is just adding insult to injury to those who didn;t even want to leave a game in the first place.


Yeah for sure i agree 100%. I didnt mention this in my post but obviosuly this is a huge issue as well. They need to be able to differentiate the cause of the quit and react accordingly. I was focusing on the other aspect of the wuitting today because i had like 10 games today where people quit and werent playing, really frustrating… i hope ALL of this is corrected in gow5.

And it has happened to me once so far in 6 months or so where i got banned for no reason for like 15 minutes… considering others have much more issues i would consider myself lucky to only have had that


Ah ok. That makes sense.
I have had this happen to me quite a few times. So I usually try to make sure that the downside of the bans are fairly represented. But yes, I completely agree that quitters are a huge issue. This was especially irritating when I was trying to rank for the new season.

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So if you don’t contribute, you still rank up?

Dont be silly

Don’t be silly would seem logical response, yet these guys are onyx and mid golds, dunno how they stay that way doing that

It’s not too far fetched…ranking in Gears is not know to be the most accurate lol

Yea i actually found myself asking the same thing midgame… im like how tf are these people holding these ranks? Must have gotten them very slowly and they will lose them very quickly. Another thing… i remember hack around 2010 ish wjen gears waa new, and everyone was also playing halo and cod… EVERYONE was using microphones!! Now, im lucky if one person out of 5 matches has one, obviously all my friends have mics but man xbox live is much different, makes the experience so much more fun playing and winning sweaty matches when everyone is communicating, and then everyone talks ■■■■ in the post game lobby… Those were the golden days

They should try to implement the system from overwatch where if you’re not actively going for objectives or fighting something it starts to kick you regardless if you shoot or move around

They dont have overwatch code. They have gears 3 code. They dont know how it works…

Not appropriate, many times I do cross, callouts, power weapon pickup/denial away from the ring, lol, I can imagine getting kicked because some logic decided I wasn’t aggressive enough, haha. No thanks.

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How would you pick up / deny power weapons without somebody trying to stop you?

In theory yes, but only marginally, because you are not performing well in any sense against them, apart from the only stat that really matters, who wins or loses.

It wont get you very far, especially when you get to Gold and Onyx level, even Silver.

If someone on your team quits your given the option to return to the main menu and you dont take the L


Is that 100% correct? I’ve quit before after 2 of my team left and while i was able to decline the rejoin notice and start another match, I didn’t earn any credits for the next round. I couldn’t say if XP was lost or not though.

You have to do it when it actually provides the “Return to Main Menu” option when you press start. It takes 3-5 min to show up after they leave so you gotta put up a fight to get the timer to finish so you can leave properly

I’m still surprised that if a teammate quits you still are granted a loss. There should be a loss prevented if a player quits and the other team still gets a win but this shouldn’t affect your rank.

Yeah I can relate to the whole objective thing too it seems there’s a lot of people who don’t play the objective at all and there’s really nothing I can do because I usually play alone it’s part of why I stopped playing.

Yea it is frustrating… Nowadays if i wanna just have fun ill just play some social matches here and there… but on the weekends when im playing a lot of hours lol i ALWAYS go in with friends now… i play KOTH ranked with 1-3 friends always with mic’s and just have fun i got up to almost an onyx 2 by going completely solo carrying my team almost every game… now im playing with friends trying to grind higher up the ranks, and again… Just have fun, even if we lose it is sooo much fun playing gears for 8 hrs straight with a bunch of cool dudes communicating well in game, and just bullshiting talking about random stuff… makes the gameplay really fun and everyone grows and appreciates it much more. If you have trouble finding good players with mic’s there are tons of pages and groups that have people who are in this exact situation that love to play… check this out before quitting the game man! Ur missing out on some good fun…

During the week im always working and seeing friends, and then on the weekends its my time to bum out, play some gears with my online friends… find people that love the experience the same way, i have friends on xbox live that i dont know in real life… that ive been playing with for almost 10 years… even back to the halo days… its a great balance to be able to enjoy real life obviously and if ur a gamer - this part of the gaming experience is truly awesome if you can set it up well!

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I am a solo player most of the time. Except when me and my brother play. I also don’t have a mic. And even then, playing Gears is a really nice stress reliever.
I don’t really know anyone who play Gears anyway. So I never felt the need to get a mic when only a few players have them.
Even Though Gears isn’t that solo friendly, i’ve still been able to get to onyx ranks. And as long as you are aware of where your teammates are and how the game is played, you can be a good teamplayer without directly communicating.

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