Quiting to main menu on Ironman campaign

I’m looking to do an Ironman co-op campaign playthrough, and was curious if returning to the main menu after someone dies (since you can’t restart the checkpoint or chapter) and reloading the game would work. Meaning we’d get back to the last checkpoint, chapter, or even act beginning. Thanks in advance.

As soon as you die, Ironman is disabled. Your only bet would be to delete your local save and hope it doesn’t get uploaded to the cloud by the time you’re able to delete it. It’s really not that bad, just go in and practice the insta-kill sections and the motorbike scene and have one player on Casual and the other on Hardcore.

I only recently came back to the world of gaming after maybe a 20 year hiatus and I’ll tell you what. Learning about that delete local save trick took me back to when I was 7 years old finding out the tooth fairy wasn’t real.

Now you know the majority of everyone with the achievement has done it that way.

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The only way they could really do something about it is by having forced saves at certain parts of the game, but that’d be awful since it’d only be for one mode and not all the others. Think of Resident Evil 6’s checkpoints, you get checkpoints every so often but the game will only actually save every so often. Just weird design.

Or I guess they could force you to play through it in one sitting without ever quitting out of it, but there’s plenty of reasons why that would be a bad idea. But this way, if you ever leave the campaign there’s no way to get back into it with Iron Man enabled unless you start a new campaign.

I just feel sorry for the people who spent weeks grinding it the right way, ONLY because they didn’t know about the trick. If those people are even real. Maybe not.

Talking about something along the lines of inconceivable tho. Hardcore is actually fairly doable. Incon legit Ironman is a feat IMO.

I did Harcore Ironman on solo without using the “cheat”… but I couldn’t be bothered having to rely on a random teammate(since I couldn’t find anyone from my friends list to do the achievement) when doing coop Ironman on Hardcore. So I’d used a second controller I’d just kept on Casual for simplicity, and had to experiment a little to see how I would get past the bike section and the cable ride(in Act 4 Chapter 1, which were the only times I had actually used the save deleting thing on my two controller playthrough).

Sure, I didn’t really get it the “legit” way by doing it with a partner but I always thought the Ironman toggle in Campaign was poorly thought out to begin with, making you do the entire Campaign all over instead of restarting the chapter or even just Act to retry the section where you failed. I was ok with just doing it the legit way solo. Couldn’t be bothered with that way for the coop achievement though, since I had just wanted to get it out of the way, back when I was still trying to obtain 100% completion on Gears 4, before TC added even more stupid and grindy achievements for things which had already been done many times in the years prior.

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IIRC Dead Space 2 had a mode that restricted you to 3 saves, which I think is a better (and fairer) design than most Ironman modes you see now. As you say, they could’ve forced you to play through the campaign in one sitting but I think that would be harsh for some sections of the campaign. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus took this approach with the ‘Mein leben’ achievement.

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