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Quiting is ridiculous now

Give them a damn stone rank or something as it’s ridiculous

It should just be a console ban, too many people are playing on secondary accounts.

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It’s at least 50% of ranked games. It’s insane how much it’s happening.

But a lot of people are being kicked out of games too.

Since TU 3, my game has been freezing in the middle of games at times. Hell, today, my console completely shut off mid-match after freezing. I’ve never had a game do that before.

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Fix the game alot less quitting.


They should show players quit percentage beside their name so people can leave pre match if they don’t want to be stuck on the team of a player with a 30%+ dnf rating.


They need a more intuitive matchmaking and ranking system with join in progress.

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The important question is…why people quit?
I think some are playing,trying to enjoy the game (but they can’t), because to them,is not fun anymore.
We all know that phase when we try to connect with a game but we can’t anymore,and after some time we move on to another.

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Lots of kids just can’t handle losing. We live in an age when every kid is being told he’s special and is being given a trophy just for being him.


It should be something like if you quit a certain amount of times (disconnected or not) in a certain amount of games it should give you a stone rank.

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It will never happen but there should be a WALL OF SHAME where GT’s are posted.

What purpose would that serve when the ranking system itself doesn’t even work?

We’d still be in the same exact position.

You like quitters then

I don’t know how “fix the game” is a valid argument for validating why people ragequit matches.

I can happily say I’m probably ■■■■ at Gears, but if I’m getting my ■■■ handed to me, I’m going to take it and learn from it, and be a good sport about it, not quit the game and run to the forums lol.

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It seems like every match I play there is always one quitter at least

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Cant stand this game in its current state its like one team gets super powers cant kill them they eat shots then rage builds up …then u relize its not a fair match and leave… blame the coalition.

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Basically this ^. I can’t even get mad with half the quitters on my team tbh.

I’d probably join them but I don’t care enough anymore. The game is a roll of the dice game to game and even round by round sometimes.

One player quit
Other players: I am sooooo sick of those quitters! I quit!
Other players quit

People quit because the updates messsed this game up i used to play for hours now i cant stand to play even one game its so broken for me.

Been better for me since this latest update.

I dont know what it is i feel like im geting sucked into the wall when i go to wall bounce and its slow as hell and high pings can see me so far into the future i cant do anything anymore except sit back and lancer my shots still dont register after battle weird shotgun glitch where shotgun are left foating in air its unplayable for me.