Quiting in ranked helps the team rank up faster?

So I’ve been climbing the ranks in this game and I’m currently onyx 2. I played a game where 2 teammates quit early and we managed to get a round and I jumped a whole tier where as A enemy teammate leaves and I lose a round and I get knocked half a tier. You can destroy a team and people quit and you will still get ranked down or no rank at all since they were short a player .

This game promotes a stacked team playing and having someone quit so they can boost up the rank faster and if they lose they won’t lose much since they was down a player. This also doesn’t count the servers booting players out of the team and getting penalized for it because the servers are unstable (better then launch but still)

I really like this game but they need to revamp the ranking placements in this game. I love ranking based off of skill but this doesn’t incorporate the passive player, the guy who marks, etc. gears 4 had it where u don’t rank down for winning but you only go up if you do well whereas Gears 5 punishes the support role since they don’t get the kills. I’ve played plenty games where I rank down for winning because I payed back and supported the team. It’s like the coach has to be in the front lines to or he gets demoted.

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This actually seems like it’s true, unfortunately. Whenever I have a quitter on my team is when I see the biggest rating gains. I get it, but it does seem like it could be exploitable.

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Definitely is exploitable.

We captured the first objective by taking out all 5 enemies. The enemy team came back and we basically did the same thing. An enemy quit. Shortly after another left followed by another. It’s 5v2 now and we straight up destroy them in that KotH match.

The result? I had gotten MVP and a loss of 67 rank points for winning both rounds easily.

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Played a 5v1 today and got a few hundred points.