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Quit playing the game

If you genuinely enjoy this game then keep playing it, but if you’re heavily disappointed by either the game or TC’s practices/incompetence or both then quit playing.

Don’t get me wrong. Keep vocal about it if you don’t want the Gears franchise to die. But nothing is going to change until people actually stop playing.

I haven’t played in a month now and it’s obvious from what I’ve been reading that nothing has changed. But the devs need a reason to change because being vocal alone continues to fall on deaf ears.

There’s better games to play right now anyway.


I agree with this. I’ve noticed a trend with a few Gears streamers who do nothing but complain about the game, yet continue to play it non-stop. I think what’s gonna happen is going to be very similar to Judgment. Most streamers will play it for a few months, and start to go back to either 4 or different games.


Operation 2 launch is going to be the mark where I decide if I’m going to bother continue playing, based on the character drop - if it comes in December and brings at least one I have interest in playing, and brings enough of them that are viable so there isn’t always the same four or five characters in a match(and players actually start playing on more than just the same old Gears 4 and two or three Gears 5 maps), I’ll probably keep playing(currently, I’m just playing cause I don’t know if anything else that is already in full release I want to play). If there’s no characters in December, well… I might just have to look for something else to play in the meantime then, until they drop, as much as I hate to say it. Game was fun in the first few weeks. Now, it’s already turned into routine and getting frustrated by RNG skill drops and bad balancing in Horde, constantly seeing the same characters and maps because players don’t want anything else because it’s not “easy”. Amongst other things.


Already ahead of you boss.

My Gears play time is like one game every couple weeks, if that.

With Shenmue 3 coming out here soon and Jedi Order as well as Death Stranding already taking up most of my time, I doubt I’ll be playing Gears much.

I played Gears 4 a lot more than I should have, didn’t enjoy the game as much, but with Gears 5, it’s absolutley killed any need or want to play.

My friends list is primarily Gears players and I see maybe one or two people playing. We’re only two months off of launch. Incredible!

The disconnect between TC and the fanbase is unreal. All they had to do was build on Gears 4’s foundation and keep the mtx simple.


I’ve stopped until the start of operation 2 (may try again sooner if I get bored of Pokemon). I love the Gears franchise, and I actually really like the gameplay of Gears 5, but matchmaking is just so terrible that I was getting too frustrated. When I solo queue, which is most of the time, 7/10 games are vs. stacks. And every single time I go against a stack, I’ve got teammates who are not skilled enough to be in the lobby.


I quit and removed it right after I did the story (once it was fixed) and play 4 now only, and when that is maybe broken (if they are making it worse on purpose) I will play 3 or something else too. I feel more like this where if you play it they will think it is okay. That is why they have daily things because if you just show up online or whatever it just makes them look better >_<


I’m playing again after taking a break for a month.

I don’t know… gameplay is improved but there’s still strange delays everywhere. Every match plays differently. Matchmaking is beyond frustrating, I’m always playing solo KotH. Overall it’s still not enjoyable…

December update has to be massive or this game is done.


I play here and there but im close to being completely done with it. I’m not even talking about the comestic stuff and all that petty bs. Screw the ranking system too, being master (which i am) doesnt mean a damn thing to me.

My beef is with the game being watered down and the gd adhesion. The feel of the game is totally a cry for Fortnite.

It’s like being able to draw perfect lines and now going to filling in printed lines with a crayon.

Gears, to me, is nothing without the rewarding feeling.


This. But why did this happen?

The development cycle was a reaction to the initial gears 4 complaints. That is why they seemed to not have build on from Gears 4.

An excuse? No, they should know better.

For example, they are just now looking to adjust the damn omen to the way WE told them to make it. I had pitched that idea of the omen outline (no full screen redness) several months ago along with several other people.

They are lost. They should use their own adhesion to get a better aim of what the community wants.


I haven’t played regularly in weeks I only play if I have like 30 mins of play time it gives me a game or two

Gears is the only game I play so I’m here for the long haul.


I’m gonna uninstall the game until they fix it. I didn’t pay $100 CAD for a game that MIGHT be good eventually. The balance sucks, the skins are too expensive and the skins that should’ve been camping unlocks are timed exclusives for Operation 1. These guys are lost in sauce. I hope, if only for the sake of the franchise, that they can get their act together, step down from their high horses, and genuinely listen to player feedback. No more of this “I understand you feel that way, but we don’t, so we aren’t going to change it” nonsense.


I think it’s funny when people say TC obviously don’t care and aren’t listening to feedback, when there’s literally a thread on this very forum where the lead designer for the entire multiplayer portion of the game has been spending a, frankly, unhealthy amount of time over the past week responding to LITERALLY every piece of feedback he’s received.

If you don’t like the game, or think it’s in a place where it’s unplayable for you - that’s fine. But can we stop with the stuff about how the Coalition are all just arrogant villains who don’t care what their players think? Game development is a perilous balance of listening to your community, while also making sure you aren’t just making them your Game Director.

I’d hazard a guess that no one is more stressed out about the current condition of the multiplayer, than the people who actually work on it. In fact, I suspect that’s why Cleven is on here in the first place - he sees the reaction, and is trying to figure out exactly what the problems are. The idea that they are sitting back and saying “as far as I’m concerned, everything is perfect!”, is laughable.


Yeah that may be true but he is not changing the things that we are asking him to change. Basically it’s like a girlfriend saying your just gonna have to deal with this if you want me. So guess what when push comes to shove you split.

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I think the video game is like this - if you want to do it - otherwise you are not obliged

lol! I stopped playing after Test Tech that was the last time I touched my xbox… having more fun playing Gears POP! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nah, I’m good. I’ve been enjoying it since launch day even with its issues. The core gameplay is just very very good. Such a smooth playing game. Since launch it’s only gotten better and it will continue to get better. Operation 2 is going to be a big deal. I’m confident that TC has taken the feedback and will deliver quality content that will please the fans. I base this on the changes they’ve made, their livestreams, and their direct interactions with the fans which IMO is very rare. Did they get off to a rough start? Sure. But the important thing is they’re listening and want to make sure this a great experience right now and going forward.

MTX seems to be the main focus for the majority of complaints for this game. And while I do agree with most of them, at the end of the day they’re completely optional cosmetics and do not detract from the core experience. There’s a lot that this game offers right out of the box and I’m enjoying it. For the sake of the community I really do hope TC adjust the MTX system, but that alone will not stop me from playing this game.


Or maybe, and just humor me here, changing all of the things that need to be changed takes longer than you think.

If you don’t like the game in it’s current form and want to go play something else, that’s completely fine, and even understandable depending on what your focus is. What I object to, is this far-too-easily tossed around nonsense that they are just lazy, or don’t care, or whatever.


Gears 5 is getin better with the updates much better then 4 i will never go back!

Well said. I don’t understand how people can say otherwise. The game may have issues but TC are listening and actively making changes.

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