Quit Penalty is Broken

Here I am in a Ranked Control match that has been active for maybe at most 5 minutes and the game removes me from the match gives me no option to rejoin and now I got a match penalty I’ve got to play social and I lost rank points. That’s a hell of a way to incentivize me to come back and play more.

TC have built a great system to encourage people to not even play Gears 5. Why would I grind a ranked game knowing that at any moment I can get removed for no reason at all and receive a penalty for an issue that’s on TC end.


“Thank you for you input. After careful consideration, we have decided to add a flossing emote.” - TC


Lol and the reality is that is probably what will happen

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This happened to me in the first week of Op5 so i stopped playing for that season. And it happened again in the first week of Op6 so I stopped again, lol.

I have never left a game by choice; only disconnected from server.
Haven’t played a pvp match since then.

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Sadly that’s the state of this game even on season 8. Gears 5 will always be a broken mess. Hopefully Gears 6 gets things rights cause Gears 5 was a shot in the WRONG direction.

I dont disagree, but, they have said before: people working on cosmetic content are different from people who work on the game play. So the two are completely separate.

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They’ve got that many staff? :rofl::wink:

Pretty much the games in the last few weeks. Trying to get the last of my Competitive medals out of the way, and it’s just been consecutive kicks with no option to rejoin and more penalties.

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1 contractor each :grin:

Sadly, that’s probably the only new stuff we’ll see in this op then that’s the end. I doubt they’ll do anymore tuning and maybe they’ll patch the game if something game breaking pops up, but 5 is at the end of its lifecycle.


I got kicked today from a Competitive Control, game showed the option to join again (2 times) but I couldn’t join.

Got the ban, and I just went to horde. When I was hosting my horde lobby, game tried to connect to the old competitive match.

This is my first penalty, so I don’t know if going to jorde to find the competitive match is a glitch or a solution

Just quit the game then… If this game is really so pathetic then why do you even care? The truth is, you really enjoy this game and still play it even with all of its flaws and bugs. It’s amazing the number of people who will claim this game is broken or the worst, yet still log in daily and play. If it’s that miserable of an experience go play a game from a company that knows what they are doing.

The truth is, server disconnects happen. It is difficult for developers to determine whether a player disconnected due to accidental or intentional reasons, but to avoid abuse, they err on the side of caution and unfortunately that means some players who disconnect by means out of their control will sometimes be penalized.

I swear, some people have no common sense. Gears 5 isn’t COD Warzone or Apex, it doesn’t see half a million unique players every day. Expecting a game like this to be flawless and have all issues addressed immediately is unrealistic.

At this point is highly unlikely they will fix any issues the game still has.

So your only options are stop playing, or sack it up and accept all the bs that gears does sometimes.

I don’t know crap about 3D video game development. I don’t know anything about generating 3D images, about hit detection, about animating movement, etc.

But I know a TON about communication programming; this idea of ‘ohhh, server disconnects just HAPPEN’ - you try telling an investment bank that and you’ll be out on your butt on the street, fired in an instant.

I’ve been building high performance real time trading systems for decades; outside of something physically crashing or a cable being cut/pulled/etc, disconnects “just happen” because of only 1 reason - crap programming.

So THAT is why people are pissed off… And disconnects happen faaaaaaaaaaar too often here in this game to blame people accidentally pulling out network cables, or hard drives crashing, or (whatever).

The quality of their network code isn’t any better than the quality of any other part of the game, and we’ve all seen how reliable and correct THAT is… “it works kinda ok, most of the time” is the best I’d give them…

Everything you say is true, however you need to look at the scope of this conversation. If wallstreet trading is disrupted because of instability in servers, there is the propensity for millions to be lost. However, if playing a video game is disrupted by instability in servers, there only impact is a couple of pissed off gamers.

In other words, the emphasis of creating a sound and failproof connection point for certain industries is much more important than others. I understand that Gears runs off Microsoft’s Azure servers, which also control widely used tools like Office 365 and Teams, but that just means priority and QOS will always go to those users over anything on Xbox.

Do you feel the frequent disconnects that occur in Gears 5 are due to faulty networking code and programming on behalf of TC?