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Quit Penalties caused by poor coding

I was just teamed with a group from LFG, a game was starting, it randomly kicks us all out the game and out the group. We all get quit penalties. I don’t get how TC can in good conscience enforce quit penalties when they know their buggy code is a main cause of people being thrown out of games so often.

Then, if you’re thrown out of an ongoing game, you have the issue on PC of not being able to rejoin, because it just stays loading at the map screen. To retry, you have to force a logout of Live, or close the game, and it can just do it over and over and over, to where the game ends before you actually get in, or it’s too much of a lost cause by the time you make it back.

It’s really sad to have 200+ people on a dev team, and no one technically sound enough to have the basics in place for a major AAA 1st party versus game in 2019. I can’t even imagine the backlash games like Overwatch or Fortnite would get if they were so far behind in the basics as Gears is currently, and making it worse, those games are so far ahead, while being only on the 1st games in their series.

I’m always talking about Quality of Life improvements they need, but in reality, they are just so much behind in general functionality that it doesn’t even make sense. It’s sad, to be so far in the franchise’s lifespan, and the quality and integrity of the underlying code and accessibility is so behind the past games. Almost every aspect is so bugged out.

It’s ridiculous I can’t tab out of the game to check another app, Discord, nothing. It’ll log me out of Xbox Live in-game with 100% consistency whenever I do so. Just to play, I have to be on driver 382.53, a 2+ year old driver, where Shadowplay won’t even work, because GeForce Experience doesn’t work with such an old driver.

We have to bend over backwards just to play the game, and there’s still just issue on issue on issue when you workaround the other major issues. It’s so silly, and easily avoidable, (by having a better, more technically sound dev team put on the project).

I’m not sure what changes, if any, were put in place during Gears 5’s development, but it is worrying about the outcome, and severity and frequency of bugs/glitches that may arise soon after launch.

Gears 5 Tech Test already shows tons of copy-paste going on, just by looking at some of the bugs:

  • The old GOW4 mic off bug in the squad, where you have to go into options and turn push-to-talk on & off to fix it.
  • The GOW4 bug where you can’t see your buddy in your squad, but they see you, or vice versa.
  • The major Nvidia 10 series card Hard-Freeze BSOD. SMH @ this one, completely dumbfounding it still exists.
  • Weird matchmaking bugs, you search for a KOTH or Escalation match, it throws you in an Arcade lobby instead.

I just want to be able to play Gears, and have it be somewhere within the level of quality that you’d expect for the iteration it’s on in the franchise, comparable to the quality of other major shooters out, and given the fact that it’s 2019 and we should expect more.


Another one. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, it’s a pattern. Like there is a severe problem or something.