Quit option in start menu?

Maybe you should check your internet connection first if everybody are leaving the team you are in.

If you could explain what my internet connection has to do with people on both teams deciding to quit a game ?

Sure. If your ping is spiking even occasionally, let’s say 25 then jumps to 250 or 400 usually it’s the symptom of playing over very busy WiFi channel that others are using in your home or neighbours (channels 1, 6, 11) … That makes lag compensator to overdo, teleporting starts all over the place for everybody.

So, do you play with LAN cable? Hardwired.

I always play hardwired with absolute stable pings of 15-20 to west EU servers. 400mbit down- and 50mbit upload (fiber optic). The quitting yesterday went through the roof, because the option to quit via main menu is back.

Ya definitely sucks especially with randoms which obviously do the most quitting. For quitters TC can’t babysit all of them and for that when rules are made it goes back to one messes up you all messed up. We as players especially quitters hurt ourselves. My suggestion is and I’ve been in plenty of games especially horde players quitting or don’t play their role get a team and stick with them because nothing is more satisfying than beating quitters with your team. Guess thats karma for them.