Quit option in start menu?

Why is their a quit option when you press pause now??? That’s why people have been quitting so much is this a glitch or what because that option never use to be their before???

I think it’s a glitch in the matrix.

Yeah I think so too!! LoL

Are they getting a 15 minute ban after using this option though? That’s the real question

That option only appears when someone on either team quits the game. Even if they remove it, some people will still quit by either returning to the dashboard or turning off their Xbox. Those types of players are the lowest of the low.


Not anymore

Wow. That’s bad :confused:

In a way, not really,
Nobody likes to be penalised

I don’t understand that reply :thinking: . No one likes people quitting games

Nobody likes lagging, sponging, ■■■■■■ bagging, teleporting,. but none of that has been fixed, so I don’t feel guilty if I occasionally get out of what is a terrible play environment that should be much better by now,

(And seriously, that D word is blocked?!)

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“While we are an M rated franchise, we do not allow swearing on the forums. This includes the intentional misspelling of words, substituting punctuation’s or any other methods that reflect an otherwise banned word.”

I agree with you. I wasn’t saying that there aren’t valid reasons to quit, there are tons of them.

I was just stating that quitting makes the situation worse for people who wanted to finish the match.

TC made a good decision reverting the quitting back to launch settings. I personally prefer the way Gears 3 had it, but this is a lot better than the penaltys.

Damn, that’s a swear word? Seriously?! Best hope no French players wanting to talk about showers come here then :stuck_out_tongue:

An official explanation is needed here @anon86589457 @EVIL_0NE @TC_Octus

Had come across aqtch that a whole team quit out, they were losing round 1 and so 1 by 1 they all quit out.

These sort of people needs like 6 months - permaban because they are ruining ranked.

No I don’t think so because when someone quit on the last round I ended up playing with the same player on the next match and I found a match with in 2 min so I don’t think it is penalizing people!!!

Really? Lets just hope once its fixed, the bans are retroactive

I had like 20 escalation matches today I couldn’t win or even finish properly, because my teammates quit the game after the first round.
@TC_Octus @TC_Vectes

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I think its sad that the option to quit is back. Ever since there are more and more people quitting.

Remove the option again and make it so if you leave a match(if it is still a 5v5) that you loose like 50% of your current rank and get supsended for 30 minutes.