Quit changing the GIB range!

Now the GIB range is way too far! It eliminates skill. Which is nothing new with TC. Shotgun battles are further away. At the far end of the GIB range window, a far shot can get you 90% dark red. It’s a far away deadly shot without trying. Total joke. To easy. Where is the thinking? Where are the moves to make a miss? Why is it on who shoots first? Or who shoots first from far away? This is not COD!

It really should be close range GIB. More skill. And would cut down on misses. Because you know you have to get close. What rank play should be. Mid range GIB seems to be ok I guess. There is some what skill there. This is just ridicouls. Large GIB range is Checkers. And a small GIB range is Chess. This play sucks!


I cannot understand if you’re mad & just bad at gears 5 or if I should ask around some forum people about it…

No he absolutely has a point, the gib range is way to big, it really ought it be brought it a solid chunk. GIB range should be just a little bit outside to allow for much more variety and time during a shot gun battle, they should last longer then 2 shots and reward the player that can navigate back and forth, left right, bouncing, while slowing picking away and him with shots, or using mouvement to crowd him and blast home away, rather then however shoots the first shot a millisecond before like COD.
I don’t know what his cement about 90% at the end of gib range is all about cause of course, if gib is 100% shouldn’t right outside be like 80-90%?
But ultimately, I agree with his post, the bigger the gib ranger the lower the skill gap because it never allows a player to strafe, bounce or engage in any other maneuver to close the gap because the space is too wide, a shorter Gib range force players together and really allows players to show their skill, prove their mettle, and outplay the opponent’s, even when, especially when, they are already full red.
So for the health of Gears 5, and the future of gears, TC really ought to bring the GIB range in, besides all the guns are already all to powerful, they practically almost all need a mini nerf, just like 5%, but that’s a whole nother post


No need to have this debate again. This whole topic is covered at length in this thread.

I hope you didnt make this thread after our games from earlier :frowning:

Well I ment right on the edge. Meaning if you shoot out side the GIB range you will get a poke or a miss. If your barley inside GIB range you can get a fatal dark red 90% shot from far away without trying.

So what that does it causes people to try to hit that far away 90% hard shot then do a back roll to jump back out side or step backawrds to make you miss because now your outside GIB range. It’s stupid and easy. No skill. Gameplay for 10 year olds. Not a Gears 2020 title
in" Skilled Rank Play." Come on TC!

Gib range should be a little further away than it is right now, honestly.

Exactly right… I noticed the gib range change as well.

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Oh. They left that at op.2. You know the best operation they had and only complaints were NO MAPS.

I don’t use or didnt use MOVEMENT to hayperbounce
I used it to survive and close the distance and try and to make people miss.


There should also be less poke damage or not even that. Just give us a decent drop off of damage. Basically a 45 degree graph of drop off damage.


We have all seen this thread. But it doesn’t mean anything if they keep changing pellet damage,percentages, and GIB ranges!

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