Quit and panalties

Its a very huge probleme. Some players has been kick out of games with no reasons AND THEY ARE PENALISED FOR A SERVEUR PROBLEME . And WE lose the match because 4v5 or less…
Please fixe it


They should fix that, but most of the quitting is due to people dashboarding out because you will only lose your entry fee. My fix would be that the quitter would receive the whole teams GP loss. For example if you were going to lose 83 points, you would receive 0 and the quitter would receive 415. Would make quitters think twice. Also needs to be a forfeit system. No reason why players should have to be mocked and forced to take an uneven matchup bc of a quitter. Something needs to change.

Unplayable i was winnimg an mid match it says you have been kicked from the game lost 150 points no fkin reason


I got kicked last night , randomly.

Had like 90 points in king of the hill, round 1. Got kicked & could not rejoin.

I was about to hit onyx3 but I took the full negative entry fee & a penalty.

-150 points! One win I get like 70-80 points as a onyx so ima have to get 3 consecutive wins to be back where I should be.


You know what sucks. I was match made against Kenny bounce last night. He was on a 3 man and I had my buddy Mo with me and we were ready for a second go around against the best Gears player around. Guess what. A quitter on our team within the first couple min. Kenny was real cool after he seen me do a couple emotes and shoot my pistol in the ground. He knew what time it was. Than we had a dance competition lol. Well at least he did. At least they were gracious to not rub it in.


Sorry to hear that. These servers are crazy.

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The whole thing is not being able to rejoin on most matches. That’s what I can’t figure out. Some dashboard out but the ones I see whom dropped there profile shows them in main menu. A couple always message saying can’t rejoin. TC really does need to fix this Bs


For some reason it froze for an obnoxious amount of time for me. & I was in a party of 4 & they know I never quit so somethings up…

I won’t quit even if I’m the last person. I take my beatings

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Also you don’t wanna be looking at your stats while in lobby of loading a map. It always Freeze’s for me. All the time. So now in between matchmaking I try not to look at anything in game that opens up a different menu which is ridiculous. Games just keep having issues smh.

Bro i cant rejoin a match period on ranked


I have yet to be kicked; but I have been on the receiving end of a lot of “lost” teammates. The worst is knowing I can beat the other team :unamused:

Hoping for some transparency from TC if it’s their side having issues or the player base being poor sports.