Quint ribbons etc

In my gears 4 versus carear ive achieved the grand total of 3 quint ribbons. Those glorious moments when the entire enemy team decide to place their heads on the tip of my gnasher are quite special. I don’t play much horde but recently I started up a private match of Juvie madness. Within ten seconds of the first wave I had doubled my quint count, by the end of the round I think the ribbon had popped 4 times. I would like to propose for Gears 5 tc adopt a different colour ribbon for multiple kills in horde. Any support for this?


I’d LOVE for them to be different as I have a lot of VS ones that mean a lot to me, but literally hundreds from Horde due to explosive headshot, dropshot, juvies, etc.

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Completely agree

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I like that idea. I don’t like ribbons and completed bounties popping up on the screen during a match.
TC should have
A I/O toggle switch in settings for the ribbons and bounties displaying or not
Amount you want to show and side you want them on
or just tell you which ribbons and bounties you have at the end of a match or wave

Fantastic idea. Please do this, TC!!!

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Personally I think that ranked should have its own set, and everything else (horde, coop, etc) its own. Merging ranked with horde or social is nonsense… Quint ribbons are TRIVIAL to get in horde, but so hard in ranked…