Quickplay Multiplayer Completely Broken

Before the update I was getting quick games, there was bot back filling and 5v5. I usually play quick play to get in a quick game before work, after work, etc.

Now? After the update? 4v4 on KOTH (the mode I usually play), no bot back filling, over 2+ minutes to find a game, and when a game is found it’s usually 2 vs 4 or 1 vs 3. Again with no bots for back up until a real player joins. No point in playing because I get slaughtered or the other team doesn’t go for rings on purpose just to hunt me down.
I’ve got great internet speeds and an updated Xbox one.
What the heck happened man???

I can’t be the only one who’s been affected like this. Any one else?
Help a brother out…


I get nothing but matches with a ping between 450 and 500 at the moment, even BOT-matches. It’s unplayable and my nearest server has a ping under 10. I know the population is pretty much dead in all my surrounding European countries, since it’s no longer in the Top 50 on the Store in those countries, but it sucks hard that the system doesn’t say “no players to connect to you with a ping below 100, so we’re putting you in a match with just bots until other players with that requirement join you”.

I have the same problem when I host horde for example. I host with 10, someone joins, I get 200-500. Terrible!


Terrible experience! I am suffering the same. 2vs4 or even 1vs4. Games are empty, feel empty and always frustrated because all these 4 are just tocándote los cojones for having fun instead of playing the KOTH mode.

How is this possible? Who is behind all these product ideas that every single day is updating the game with some absurd decision?

I am switching back to GOW4 while waiting… again… to see if the guys behind these decisions read these forums and put back some order in the game requirements.


Wait? They finally removed Bots from Quickplay-KotH?

Yup. At least in my games. I try a quickplay match and it turns into 1 vs 4 with no bots. It’s driving me crazy.

Still better than going against 2-3 bots that laserbeam you the second you enter their FoV. Might actually give it a try with a stack again.

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I know this sucks to say but I’m glad I’m not the only one. I might have to go back to GOW4 until this nonsense gets sorted out.

Wait a sec,u hate bot bc the perfect aim,but u enjoy if u find a match with only 1 or 2 player? And destroy them in stack? U have the balls my friend,or u r stupid…go to play rank if u hate bots…

Where did I say that?

Careful, young man.

There’s only 1 thing I hate more than bots and that’s people with high ping. Coincidentally there’s a lot of those in ranked.

Careful or what? U say “still better than going against bots that laserbeam you” i repeat,if u hate bots go play rank,and now u blame the high ping?go to play horde or escape,stupid…or wait i have a better idea,stop trolling the people and use the brain…if tc take off the bot in SOCIAL is bc rank is dead so with this move they force people to play rank…but normal people change gears with another game…

Do you have trouble with reading comprehension? I like neither playing against bots nor against high pings.

Source: trust me, dude, I assume?

Agree. I’ve posted elsewhere.

It’s completely broken.

Source: Everyone in the forum…and other like facebook or twitter
High ping
matchmaking is broken
Server problem
Tuning is broken
Yeah the only one who see problem is me right?
Anyway im tired to speak with you,enjoy your empty game…

Trust me ranked isn’t dead an quickplays are too easy … Straight warmups

I also dislike (not gonna say hate) the ranked mode. The 4v4 feels empty and I am missing team to have more fun. This is all about having fun, isn’t?

I am always frustrated! Every day is a new adventure… Today movements are slower, tomorrow will be faster, in two days we will be doing a 5v5 again and give them one week and you will be fighting dressing a clown dress. And firing flowers.

I do feel the product managers have lost control over the product backlog and the soul of gears is now gone. I’ve played this game since gears one. I love it and I hope we will get it back

In the meantime, I am getting 300p when getting the ring in the GOW4.