Quickplay matchmaking - max squad size?

I just played a Quickplay KotH match with my usual 2 friends in a squad of 3, we were paired with 2 randoms. The opposite team had 4 people all with the same clan name. I thought the max squad is 3 for quickplay. Is there a way they’ve cheated to get a 4th in there? Or is it just massive good luck for them that their other friend attempted matchmaking, found the same match AND got onto their team?

Maybe he joined in progress

No it was a new lobby, all 10 players joined then the match began.

It used to be 2 then 3 and now I believe there is no limit.

I don’t think there is a limit they should limit it to 2. Yesterday I was waiting for someone and 3 of us went into quick play. Just to kill Time. It was bad. I think the opposite team highest level was 50 all non re-ups. I told them Sorry in gobal chat, and that " gears was a awesome game and don’t quit learn it and we will leave after this match" it wasn’t fair what we did to them, match making needs to be addressed.

Ah well if they removed the limit recently that would explain things a little. I don’t mind as long as they weren’t cheating somehow.