Quickplay is garbage in this operation

Quickplay in this operation is pure garbage. It was better when you could select the mode you want. In my case i don’t give a damn about ranked. I liked to play consecutive TDM matches without returning to the main menu like in ranked.
I hope TC bring back TDM in quickplay

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would Brawl, KOTH, Gridiron, FFA, A.I. be the better option?

Im fine with one (rotating) mixed playlist, but please leave TDM (and maybe control) as an independent option at all times like FFA.

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problem is that gears is pretty dead. having tons of playlist options is stupid, as people are likely quueing into potentially dead lobbies. if you want to play TDM host/join a custom or play ranked.


The whole game is garbage, and all because they don’t listen to their fans

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with the no crossplay feature disabled the playbase is united and bigger than before. asking for a social TDM only playlist shouldnt brake the playerbase like you wouldnt believe.
what actually breaks the playbase is people quitting out games when they get gridiron or other trash modes that they are forced into.

Much prefer a rotating playlist tbh

we’ve had three different Ranked systems in the game due to player feedback

they’ve overhauled the Gnasher more times than I can count

the class system was overhauled due to feedback

the storefront has changed drastically, away from FOMO garbage

they listen and change things but if you don’t happen to like the changes you’re going to be vocal about it.

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So they overlisten their fans?

they do at times over compensate and miss that mark. it happened with the tuning IMO