Quickplay and Ranked

Hi all, this is gonna be a looooong post, so thank you to anyone who will take the time to read this.

I am fine with the idea of TC "testing and trying “new” things, butI don’t understand some choices, like Quick play TDM 4 vs 4 and Guardian a Quick play only game mode.

If you have ever tried those modes, you might have found out that:

In TDM, if you are 4 vs 4, if someone quits, you auto lose, since there are 3 power weapon on each map (Grenade, Boom/Drop, Sniper/Embar), you will never take them, so you will pretty much loose (in a 4 vs 5 it is at least playable), unless the opposite team is awful .
Once it is a 3 vs 4, you already know that in like 3 minutes, it’s gonna be 2 vs 4 and then everyone quits because it’s not fun at all, a team would be completely destroyed, the other team will always have al lthe weapons and they will just dominate.

In Guardian the issue is different, if you are playing without a team of friends, people play random and they (leader included) usually suicide in like 30 seconds, ending in every round being 50 seconds long, which is boring as hell.
If you have a team of friends in Guardian, the opposite team of random people will never being able to beat you, since they can’t communicate, so they will just quit pretty soon, usually after 2 round loss they rage quit.
It is ok to make Guardian a quick play for some people who wants to have fun, but Ranked is the correct choice imo.

For the others playlists:

I don’t really see a point in Coop vs AI, I mean, just make it a beginners playlist, with a small tutorial on “How to properly play online” , like “use the Tac Com to find the power weapons, give protection with the Lancer to the teammates, use the Gnasher for close range, don’t stay for the whole game inside di spawn doing nothing” and things like this.
People with a level from 1 to 5/10 must play it before starting in the main game, there are no reason to make it a standard playlist , since there are the Customs.
But ok this is just a random complain, not a real issue.

I’m not gonna talk about the limit of 2 people for TDM or the 4 vs 4 Ranked TDM, I guess the “loyal players” wanted it to be like in the good old days, even tough in Gears 1 and 2 there was no tdm, but ok.

2 vs 2 Gnasher, meh, the Gears 1 lovers might like it, I think this game mode is boring as hell, but this is just my thought, people probably love it, so it’s fine.
Fun fact: almost each time I played this mode, there are always the opponents insulting, either if they win or lose, I don’t really understand why.

Blitz: Worst (or better for someone) KOTH.

Free For All: The most random of the random playlist is a ranked, fine, but the sponge is insane here, maybe because people with 20 ping must play with people with 150 ping?

The next considerations won’t be appreciated by most of the people:

Escalation: The game mode could work, the idea is cool, it’s different from the classic 10 years old Modes, so it’s good to try, but I really hate the concept of the “Domination”, which makes every round being like 50 seconds long, I would prefer it to be like “Keep the 3 rings for 20 seconds to win the round, or either do like 300 point by keeping the rings” (like a King of the hill but with 3 static rings)

Bring back alternatives to the Lancer as starter Rifles (Hammerbust, Enforcer): TC made some bigger maps like Pahanu and Regency, but with only the Lancer and with the Markza/Boltok being bad (without Active Reload), there is not really a point in making big maps, since people will always running across it and doing nothing, with the Bow/Sniper as the only real long distance weapon.
Personal opinion: it was fun in Gears 3 to switch between the rifles sometimes, just to change and not playing always with the same things in the same map in the same game mode. Forget about the Sawed Off, at the beginning of the game it was terrible.

Thank you again if you read all, just be nice if you are gonna answer :smiley:

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Trust me we did NOT want this.

Nobody wanted this.


Problem for quitters on your team? I have a SOLUTION !! make stacks available.


If you stack you prevent quitting 99%.

Just because you stack doesn’t mean you’re all pros or some BS everyone thinks


For me, I only play ranked for Tour of Duty medal rewards or Xbox achievements, and after, I give up because:

  • when I press the trigger to shoot, in the next second, it’s my opponent who shoots in my place and kills me, or else my shots go through the opponent without touching him
  • many opponents move at inconsistent speeds
  • and others do kills with 1 gnasher shot from several meters away or chain oneshot with their weapons as if there was an aiming aid

So it becomes painful and tiring without pleasure to play it, I don’t play it anymore after I got the rewards