Quick Xbox Marketplace question

Well, I’ve been desperated recently to find a digital copy of The Orange Box, I have looked at Xbox.com but it said I couldn’t purchase it. After a long search I discovered Xbox Marketplace, I saw what I needed: the ■■■■■■■ price, but the problem is i’m being esceptic because the install button says “install it on Xbox 360”, ¿it doesn’t matter at all and I can purchase it on my Xbox one anyways?
PD: Sorry for the spelling erros, i’m mexican.
(Also, I need a credit card?)

What? No, don’t be ridiculous. Simply neatly fold your money notes and insert them into where you would normally put your game discs. :heavy_dollar_sign:

It’s not hard. People these days, honestly…

When you purchase a digital copy of a Xbox 360 game and if it is compatible with the Xbox One, it should appear on your console library.

Also, Xbox gift cards can be bought elsewhere and attached to your account to make purchases on the Xbox store. In my experience however, it doesn’t appear that this extends to Xbox 360 games, so a debit/credit card is required.