Quick suggestions for the menu

So these suggestions are only about the menu, not the gameplay

  1. Please add a ‘cancel’ button to the ‘exit match’ popup menu. When you are in versus, and you accidentally press the B button between matches ( i do that a lot)…you get the option to leave with you team, or leave without your team. That is it. Please add a button to just cancel that popup (in case you change your mind and dont want to leave…or when you pressed it accidentally).

  2. please add an option to assign a banner or bloodsplat to all characters at once (or at least the ones that are eligble for this). Im one of those guys that want everything to be the same, and now I have to do it one by one… If possible…

  3. as follow up for point 2… Id be nice to assign weapon skins (within the same skin set) to all the weapons you have the skins for. So lets say I have the ‘flaming carbon skin’ (made that up)…for 6 different weapons… Id be nice to assign these skins to the weapons you have them for… Without manually doing it for every single weapon.