Quick Scout question

For maximum survivability what health card combo should be used for a Lv10 Scout?
A) Health Boost/Health Regeneration Boost
B) Health Boost/Dodge
C) Health Regeneration Boost/Dodge
D) All pretty equal

I’m open to different setups aswell

I run health boost / dodge works well for me. :+1:

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Depends what level you’re playing. On Insane and incon, shogun damage becomes petty useless at a point so it’s wiser to ditch that card and use both healths plus something like dodge.

Personally, I find both health cards to be the most useful and don’t know why people choose just one or the other. As a Scout, my only interest is collecting before the wave ends and max health and regen are key to that.

Well yeah I agree on using both health cards but technically there’s 3 health cards if you include dodge. That’s why I’m wondering which Health combo is best between the 3 cards since I can only have 2 health cards, the other 3 Scout cards being a MUST.

Why would the other 3 be a must? I’ve run Scout on inconceivable numerous times using Boost, Regen, and Dodge. Deposit Bonus is the only one more important than the health cards.

If it’s speed boost you’re hung up on, it’s not as good as you might think it is. High level bots don’t miss no matter how fast you’re going.

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  1. BIG maps

HP, HP regen, deposit, speed, dodge

  1. SMALL maps

HP, HP regen, deposit, pickup radius, dodge

First one is the only I trust with eyes closed on inconceivable. You can eat even 1 tri-shot firing directly at you after wave 16/30.

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I’d agree speed might not be needed in a group of friends but in PUG you never know where the power might be or where your group will camp so the power be scattered. It’s more of getting crossed the map fast and less of surviving at that point.

Deposite/Pickup Distance/Speed
These are my must have cards personally

If having all 3 health cards allows me to run around the map openly and take all the damage I want on Incon then I’ll definitely give the loadout a shot but just from experience speed helps alot.

If you have only 2 openings, Health Boost and Regen will go the farthest. I like dodge, but it’s not ever been a must have like the other 2.

I Guess I’m bias when it comes to speed because I usually don’t rush out mid wave after like w20. Just wait till there’s 5 enemies left and then grab what I can. Usually works unless its a stupidly big map or people are camping in odd spots. Thanks for the advice though guys! this has made me realize I should try and base my loadouts on the type of map it is.

I always play heath boost, regen, pick up radius, speedboost and deposit bonus and have not had a reason to change. That build keeps me in the game for a long time. Dodge, for me anyway, is more a map size card because on big maps I find myself running to the other side more and more and speedboost is a great help while on small maps I don’t have to travel a certain distance to collect power in the time given and dodge is a helpfull there but rarely ever use it.

I’m quite fond of my Health Boost/Health Regen/Dodge combo, with the usual Deposit Bonus & Speed thrown in.

I would switch Pick Up Radius for Regen Boost, but only if you know for a fact that you won’t have to be racing against teammates for the power😠

HP boost
Just be mindful of torque bows. They can drop you on insane+ 2.5 damage even if dodge is active.

For inconceivable I run. 1 : fabricator deposit bonus. 2: pick up distance. 3: heath bonus.4: dodge. 5: energize. The energize allows me to pick up points half way through the round. Without getting downed or killed. Even on the toughest waves.

How about those points on the other side of Forge, Speyer, Glory?

How’s the path until you reach it, on incon, after 30?

For me A

Health, health regen, dodge, speed and deposit bonus is the best build for surviving.

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I’ve been toying with the thought of Energise instead of Speed Boost, but not sure which might be better for surviving.
I still think it’s Speed Boost because faster speed for escaping and in case I get slowed down by stopping power.
I’ve had instances where a Scion Mulcher or Drones/Peacekeepers or Guardians got me full red around Wave 31+ or 41+ but my HP Regeneration and Dodge caught up with it back to 100% HP.
But when I collect Power, I could just get instantly full HP with Energise if not Speed Boost.
I haven tried it out anyway, taking off Speed Boost kinda puts me off being Scout.

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Easy after 30 is what im talking about. Just make sure up pick up points and you get 175% health

175% at the moment, no?