Quick question for you M&K Weirdos

What key bindings would y’all suggest? I toyed around with a mouse and keyboard the other night and was just wondering if there were better mappings than the default.
Would appreciate some advice. Thanks.

Use a pad




I made this thread against my better judgement.


Are you legit asking?

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Yeah I am. This is a serious question from a generally un-serious person

For me I changed reload, melee and PvE ultimate to mouse thumb buttons, made the world of difference, however if you dont have any mouse buttons, I would say sperating reload and chainsaw should be a big priority, could put reload on Q if you dont do much PvE.


Yeah I pretty much just play PvP

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Honestly I tried mkb once

Emphasis on the once :rofl::rofl:

When you’ve played a game like gears since 06 (Yea I said it, despite the hate attached to it since) muscle memory is king

The only reason to want to make the jump to mkb is long distance play, which isn’t gears

Again, emphasis in the dong :yum:

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Honestly was really thinking about making the switch myself couple nights ago…

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Lmao. It’s keyboard & mouse. YOU do whatever YOU want.

Hahaha Is there actual gamers in this forum or what ??


Oh this is easy.

Stop. Now.


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You are wise beyond your years.

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The earth is a oval.

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I recant my previous comment.


Lol @ this thread


Story of your life

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David let your terrible threads that have died be at peace.


Hey, I only hate it when you Gears of War 06 players call yourselves veterans. I still own my original copy of the first game in it’s original box but I don’t go on and on about it.

“I’ve been playing since 06”
“I’m an OG Gears 1 vet”

The first one is okay, although it doesn’t validate your opinion.

The second one is WORSE than “Rey SkYWaLkEr” tier cringe.

No other cringe statement is as cringe worthy as calling yourself a “veteran” because you’ve played a video game series since it came out.

i mean he only validated that because he has muscle memory.

but a Vet is a Vet, you’ve played it since day 1 thats what you are.
Vet is a perfect title for an army based shooter like Gears, i think a community veteran like yourself should understand that .

but i agree using it to validate an opinion is the worst way to use that title.

i say it whenplayers say something like this hasnt been in the game since _____ or gears was never ______ to correct them with facts of the game using my years of experience with the series.

Literally hate that being next to my name but yes someone who has been playing forever does have the clout to correct, it’s just annoying when people use it to say their opinion matters more.