Quick question for TC

How can I get into a chainsaw battle when I have my gnasher equipped? And @Chaotik_Element and @Krylon_Blue can vouch for this


Sometimes it works with the snub too. As for your question, 20 years after the war ended the COG decided to implement chainsaws into all weapons, so it could be the dropshot or even the smoke has a chainsaw in it now.


I was also in this match and saw it happen on my death screen.

I’m not surprised though. We played 3 ranked matches and nothing worked. Shots were basically ghosted and movements were extremely delayed or not anywhere near what I told them to do. Not even sure how I can slide into cover with a 15ms ping but then teleport right into a Gnasher just because a 100ms player spiked to 350ms.

The even more telling sign here is that I went to Competitive Warmup afterwards and it ran smoothly for the most part. My competitive weapon tuning weapons were actually more powerful than Core KotH was tonight. How is that possible? It all went down hill quickly though because in round 2 a high fluctuation player joined and the teleporting began to happen just as it was in Core KotH tonight.

Unresponsive movements. Gnasher chainsaw battles. Sponging. Teleporting. Gears is running fantastic tonight.


no no no no… Everything is working as intended we are just simply missing our shots!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


That must be it! I mean who could deny these issues exist if they actually existed? Oh man, this game is running flawlessly.

All praise TC! Every developer should take note and learn to program online gaming experiences the same way as TC.


Regardless of the out come I just want to know how you can get in a chain saw battle with someone when your gnaher is out

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I recall seeing a clip somewhere of someone getting into or seeing a bot getting into a chainsaw duel whem they switched their weapon just as the duel started so they were in a chainsaw duel with a Torque Bow… so that’s one way.

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Heres the thing I run around with my shotgun because you never know when your gonna get into a fight and the only reason i posted this was because we were about to lose and as im running to break the hill I all of a sudden get into a chainsaw battle which is weird because I dont run around with my lancer out I run around with the gnasher

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Well, Gears 4 isn’t exactly bug-free and with the whole lag compensation/issues thing it wouldn’t surprise me if that somehow allowed you to get into a chainsaw duel with a Gnasher. And technically there’s nothing speaking against holding your weapon up against the chainsaw to temporarily block it… right?

But yeah, that is rather odd. I’ve never experienced it myself though so I can’t really relate.

I know this game has it bugs but I’ve never seen that before. I ran into the hill knowing I was gonna get chainsawed just so I could break it. When the chainsaw battle came up I was super duper surprised to see it

I’m not sure how much glitches can really surprise me after seeing Snatchers float and this glitch (skip to ~2:20 to see what exactly I’m referring to, don’t mind the misic). But I’ve never seen a chainsaw battle occur in such circumstances nor have I seen anyone say anything about it happening about it happening in this way. Hm… maybe they’re testing a feature which would allow you to block a chainsaw with a weapon which does not have a chainsaw(would result in losing the weapon you’ve got though)? Just like I’m testing some of the functions available for posts.

I’ve been chainsawed by a smoke grenade before so anything is possible when you’re copying/pasting another developer’s code you don’t fully understand.

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Told you the damn COG installed chainsaws in every weapon!!! Damn you first minister JINN!!!

I’m having a major issue where an enemy throws a smoke and I’m not within its radius on my screen but it still stuns me. But that’s not even the most ridiculous part about it - my character is unaffected until I try and perform a special movement or shoot my gun. So I go into battle thinking I’m clear and all of a sudden I’m stunned when I engage. :tired_face:

What did you guys do to this game in the past week? It’s been awful.


video or it didn’t happen