Quick question about Relic Dropshot

How many rounds does Relic Dropshot hold in Horde on Atrium?

Just curious because on Ice Queen the max rounds is 2. What about Horde?

2…but you can Refill it in the Ammo Box, so it’s worth.

If you have Max Perk in Ammo Capacity, it’s 4 in total.

Also, Atrium give you Free 3 Lv4 Locker to Collect 12 Types of Relic Weapons.

I remember it’s 4 right?

Crazy how this is a thing yet some Nomad still insist of taking my weapons out and replacing them his Tri-Shots. Nomad.

Can’t wait for this to be in custom lol.


Yes…on my sharing experience in Daily Horde Thread. The Nomad use the Lockers to replace Tri-Shots + Salvo.

It’s just lucky we have two players only, so 3 Lv 4 Lockers are Fine.


So it’s different for Escape then. On Ice Queen the Relic Dropshot can only hold 2 rounds. It’s been changed from 4 in op6.

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You can still spam the heck out of it with a Tac and max explosive perk and Speed Loader. :slight_smile:

But obviously the Relic Retro is much better in that regard.

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Yeah i noticed u quite enjoyed using it the other day.

@GhostofDelta2 you can close this. I got my answer :slight_smile:

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As you wish :slight_smile: