Quick question about old games running

Saw guys video so I downloaded 2/3 just to see… 2 runs fairly normal but 3 in complete trash? Is it connections only or gltitchy because of framerates etc?

“Gil-tit-chy” haha!

Anyhoo, care to elaborate? At least on what console are you using?

I’ve got a series X. I mean I get they’re old an I imagine p2p. Gears 2 worked surprisingly well but 3 was terrible like hurt my eyes and was way behind. Close to a while second… ya I thought fixed it like 3 times so I was like eh wahtever

Gears 3 recently got a 1080p 60fps boost and looks amazing so I’d recommend seeking out a good Optician.

Is it different than what’s in game pass? I just did it and downloaded all the stuff… something isn’t right. Though my eyesight is terrible lol

Edit: just reloaded… the roadie run is like a mag 7 earthquake

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I can’t stand the camera shake in 3. Makes me nauseous. Takes a little bit of play to adjust.

Nothing will ever smooth that enough.

Guess I just don’t remember it being that bad then

Are you actually talking about how the game RUNS or specifically the roadie run in each game?

Lol funny right? Both it’s super choppy and slow big time lag. And yes the roadie run is just unbearable. Gears 2 isn’t so bad. But I also didn’t remember you can’t Omni direction roll lol