Quick Question about Comp Play?

Am i going crazy or is there more quitters and leavers this OP than ever before?

i just had a 4 game losing streak with 3v4 squads…

I found more players leaving when the match is about to start (Enemy team had a very good pvp player and 1 player of my team just “run away” when he/she recognized the GT).

Or players leaving when the map is selected.

Also I got the error for disconnected from matches more often, and teammates/enemies too.

That’s the name of the game lmao

You don’t need to win to be at the top so why stay in the match and take the 5k point penalty with some quick play action.

You’ll make it back so quickly you won’t even pay mind to the loss.

It’s been a little more common but definitely not as an issue with Gears 4. Even by recognizing the banners people would back out

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