Quick Poll About Quick Matches

Quick Poll: Type 1 if you like voting for modes you want to play. Or Type 2 if you would like to be able to (since the first time Quick Matches were in GEARS) BE ABLE TO JOIN AND PLAY THE MODE THAT YOU WANT!!! Example: I WANT TO PLAY NON RANKED KING OF THE HILL!!! without voting for it!!


I know some of you will ask…Who Cares? Well, I care OR I WOULDN’T HAVE MADE THIS THREAD!!!

Problem with everyone picking their mode is that it splits the population.

Though I’ll admit, I hate going into Comp Warmup and seeing a bunch of weirdos voting for literally anything except KOTH. I’m saying it bluntly: there is something wrong with you if you want to play anything except KOTH in Comp Warmup.

Devs need to make this playlist KOTH only

I think the systems works good the way it does however I don’t like one option being repeating what you have played.

It should be 3 different choices.

Don’t really care about population splits as a result of that, either. Sorry. The only gametype I ever cared for in Gears was Annex/KoTH because it forces players to play an objective and respawning doesn’t count on teammates. Everything else is wallcamping and waiting for an opportune moment while bad teammates suck up lives, can’t stay alive, or can’t get kills to bring teammates back. I never liked Arms Race, either.