Quick play tuning is better than ranked tuning

First time posting on the forums. Long time player of the franchise back to gears 1. When this game launched i found it hard to get into as it felt like it catered to the players who bot walked everywhere they went. And took hardly any skill. Coming from gears 4 which you had to actually aim the gnasher. And in July I finally got into this game and had that feeling of addiction in which we all long for with this game. The movement was smooth, Gnasher slightly inconsistent like always but actually felt like you could dominate lesser players with superior movement. Fast forward to the last few weeks and everything feels like ■■■■. Consistently rolling into cover and getting 2 shot downed with the gnasher from miles away. I say all of that to ask does anyone else feel this way? Quick play as it stands right now feels so much smoother than Ranked. Thoughts? Am I crazy or is TC Consistently screwing everything up.

Quick play tuning= Ranked tuning :stuck_out_tongue:


No way lol. It’s similar but my movement in quick play is so fast. And I play on classic-alt. Ranked feels stiff comparatively. Also no way do I go from being Ranked top 400 in control Ranked. Pulling MVP literally 50% of the time with close to 200 matches played. To getting consistently smacked. Hardly breaking even. I know they keep messing with the tuning for whatever reason.

They are the same tuning. The only separate tunings are campaign/pve to multi.


And PvE definitely feels better.

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Minor correction : Campaign has some weapon tuning differences to the PvE modes in Gears 5, with Torque Bows and Dropshots one shotting most enemies on a direct hit/headshot(latter only for the TB, and possibly also the Boomshot on headshots) in the campaign. Plus all or most active reloads are always quick to be available again, while they are rather long cooldowns for some weapons in PvE.

Also may just be me but I find the aim assist to be far less intrusive in Campaign and more favorable to aiming than the excessively overtuned Horde/Escape aim assist. Something just feels different and better about it, even if I turn the aim assist off there.

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Yes. They are both the exactly same horrific and shameful tuning that stands as boring embarrassment for Gears of War’s Versus.

This tuning basically ruined Versus for me, which I have been very loyal to since the beginning.

PvE’s movement is superior in every single way.


Pve tuning is definitely better lol.

Tis a shame :pensive:

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There is a hard delay on the wall cancel for PvE. If it didn’t have wall cancel I’d say its 100% better but atm its like 70% better.


If PvE had the same wall bounce as versus I would love that. Thats one of the main things I like about the versus tuning. You can bounce in any direction you want as fast as you want.