Quick play map rotation broken?

Everytime i play tdm quickplay it cycles through district, bunker, training grounds and icebound.


First: There is already a topic about it.

Thats a bot playlist not the tdm quickplay playlist

Then please change the title from “Quick play map rotation broken?” into " TDM Quick play map rotation broken?" :neutral_face:

Did you only read the title not even the post? :neutral_face:

Sometimes my brain skip words. So my brain read “i play quickplay” instead of “i play tdm quickplay”. :neutral_face:

You get District? Lucky man. I’m currently stuck on the Training Grounds, Icebound and Bunker rotation. Ive seen Blood Drive and Checkout ONCE with no Reactor at all.

Glad to have Guardian back but it’s not too fun playing every match on Training Grounds…

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Yeah this is definitely not to great but I really don’t know whats wrong because some people don’t have this problem.