Quick matches by game mode

Why Tc make us play rankeds?? In gow 3 you can play the game mode that u want to play with 4 friends in a cycle of maps… bored of that match search for other one, matches always full, try to play quick matches now, always again bots, the game make you vote a different game mode or repeat map playing the same mode, you only need to copy gow 3 system

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They do that because of A. You couldn’t ever really find a ranked match on gears 3 except TDM or Execution, and B. The gears population is now very low.

Maybe try playing custom matches? That’s what I’m started to get into now, and there’s rarely any bots.

Man up and play ranked and stop bot bashing lol

Matchmaking sucks, people quitting, partners doing a 1-15 eating all respawns,…