Quick Jack question (progression)

For those that have completed the campaign…

If you have an upgraded Jack and return to any point in the campaign, does Jack stay at his current upgrade state, or does he revert back to his status at that particular point in the campaign?

This question is about the same save slot.

Reverts back from what I’ve read.

yes if you reload the act or chapter it will give you 88 to 94 components to upgrade jack the way you want, this is based on my experience going through the campaign twice.


Appreciate it. I was wondering before I go back and work on some achievements.

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What about the ultimate abilities? I wouldn’t appreciate busting my a$$ in act 2 just to get locked out of them again.

It gives you the ultimate abilities as well.

Can you change the difficulty level on the same save slot?

You see where I’m going…can I go back to the start with an upgraded Jack?

I’ll find out for you now and edit when I know the answer :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to appear lazy. I’m trying to be methodical. I can skip back a little and get some achievements like killing enemies with ricochet. But before I try to start from the beginning, I don’t want to mess up what I have :+1:.

I finished act 2 unlocking all the ultimate abilities I could - as a meme I jumped ahead to Act4, didn’t give me the ultimate abilities I unlocked via Act 2… could you possibly explain your process?

Sorry if that seems rude! Just slightly irritated is all :joy:

Nope, it doesn’t work. I had all of the Ultimate abilities on my Insane playthrough and didn’t have the barrier.

For reference, I reloaded Act 3 Chapter 3 on Beginner. EDIT: But for the abilities I did have unlocked, all of them had the Ultimate upgrade unlocked.


No problem, happy to help.

If you load a chapter up, it will give you a set amount of components, and, at Act 3 Chapter 3, I had 6 abilities, the only one I didn’t have was Barrier (which you don’t get until later on).

It may be that you have to complete the side mission, but then once you’ve completed it, it is available on all playthroughs.

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