Quick Horde Question

If I continue to solo queue into Insane Horde how many Waves from 1-4 where everyone quits will it take me to get to Re Up 10?

If I were you, I’d look for group and start up a stack for some runs.

Public Horde is horrendous :smile:

Moreover, I whenever there was no one to play with, I hosted a private Horde, and played as a tanky scout alone, casual difficulty, and the xp gained was somehow good.

Look up speedruns, it will help you a lot!


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I’d say you are looking at a few hundred games. Like about 900 or more to do that

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I’m not a fan of SpeedRuns. And yeah I know it’s horrendous I’ve been playing since Launch. And no one LFGs for Horde I’m always seeing Onyx and Diamond Comp.

Some days on LFG are busier than others.

At this point in the game’s lifecycle you might want to treat it as a networking thing. Focus on adding players you come across who play well and seem reliable. If you have a mic then make use of it. Its simply easier to add friends if you’ve had a chat with them too.

I was playing only public horde on insane or inco for a long time. It took me 5 months to get re up 10, keep in mind that i was playing at least 2 hordes a day

It’s been bad for awhile on public that’s why I quit.
I’m just started playing again after months.
I oy play on a weekend with the wife on public
What timezone you in.

I start a new job on Monday aswell that may involve working weekends aswell which will be a problem for me lol.

It’s been bad since it came out