Questions Regarding Controller Setup/Remapping

Question 1

Omnidirectional roll, on or off? Why?

Question 2

Button remapping.

I wanted to remap my buttons while also using the Classic Alt scheme.

I wanted Roadie Run to be left stick Click in.

I wanted cover/mantle to LB.

It will not allow the roadie run to be used while holding in Left stick.

Is this a glitch @TC_Octus or should we be allowed to do so?

Q1 - I keep Omni Off because I find that it helps me from rolling when I’m trying to slide into cover in certain situations.

Q2 - I too have been experiementing with the controller remapping, specifically trying to use the Alt control scheme, but remap the buttons to how they are in Default. There seems to be a delay when trying to wall bounce, saw a YouTube video on this and it seems to help some. However, when playing Horde, there are some issues with what buttons do functionally, whether they are supposed to or not.

Mmm will try that.