Questions about the longshot?

2 simple questions guys… Is the longshot projectile or hitscan? If its hitscan, why dont shots register when you put the little x on an enemy and press the trigger? Also, anybody notice how when your shooting closely behind cover, how even though the reticle is clearly on a player, how it will hit the object you are in cover behind instead of the player.? I always understood that the way the reticle and aiming works was that your reticle location defined whether you had line of sight or not. So why if my reticle is on a target does it hit the object in front of me instead? Why doesnt it show my reticle on the object in front of me if thats where my gun is actually aiming, and not on the player it actually shows me aiming at? This makes me ask, "am I supposed to compensate by aiming 6 inches to the right everytime? Do i compensate for drop and right side drift as well? Thanks in advance

The game uses barrel shooting mechanics more so people cant shoot through cover as easily. Its possible but harder.

Its hitscan. Just like the gnasher.


If u are talking about being slammed into cover, ya its prob comin from the barrel n hits the wall. Make sure the barrel is past the cover/walll/etc n hopefully should be less an issue. Only reason we had to lead shots in previous games was connection related. Nothin else.

Thanks. Im just used to the reticle locale delineating if I have line of sight or not. Its odd (to me) that my reticle will pass through something thats directly in front of the barrell. I know its nit picky. But thanks for the info

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No, im in agreement. Its very odd. Ull get it over time though. I shoot wildly in private usually when the game comes out to get an idea first of all its mechanics…(off cover, hip shooting, shotgunning after roll csuse gears 3 had a unique quirk with that as example, on cover, etc) n then abuse em online lol