Questions about playing in high level games (inconceivable and master)

I play as JD and I’m a hella good GL spammer. I usually rank at the top of most games and do pazillions of damage to bosses and mini bosses. I’m a team player and I know what I’m doing. The problem I seem to have is that I think I missing out on some of the “understood” ways and “unspoken” rules that these games are played at.


  1. I always use a mic … however I’m finding most people don’t. Someone yelled at me the other night to turn on my text … which I don’t to be honest with you know what that is. So, what is the best way to communicate in these games and if I need to turn something on how do I do that? What is this text thing? How can you text and like … play the game at the same time?

  2. On communication I have heard that robotic voice from time to time … is that some kind of text to speech people use instead of using real mouth words?

  3. I understand that if I’m given a weapon locker (which all JD’s should get) I blow myself up between rounds with frags to stock it up with GL’s without paying the steep price for them at the fabricator. How do you handle a group that doesn’t have a lot of weapon lockers or they have one or two that everyone uses? I can’t really just drop someone’s XYZ gun on the floor and often times I find myself with a GL out of nades.

  4. How much power do I put in the fabricator vs. how much I spend on perks? I usually spend power on perks when I see a fabricator over 50k in power … but the other night I got booted from a game because after one wave I didn’t drop the 1200 or so power I picked up even though I was dropping power for the last few dozen waves … which I thought was odd since as per question number one no one was talking.

  5. Are there any other tips you have to get along better with some pretty picky and petty folks at these levels? Any nuggets of wisdom would be appreciated.

Thanks gang.

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Which difficulties do you usually play? I find that on Elite and above you usually don’t run into any issues with players not having enough lockers available unless you have a low level or incompetent engineer, in which case I wouldn’t recommend trying to stay in the match if they don’t/won’t listen to requests to build more lockers.

They are referring to in-game text chat. Hit U on the keyboard to bring it up and type messages, or R(right stick) on the controller in the pause menu. They may also be referring to the speech to text option found in the ‘Accessibility’ section of the options menu… but I don’t think you have to turn it on to have it show up to others? Correct me if I’m wrong. Not everyone may listen to someone on a mic or have voice chat enabled. Whereas I’m pretty sure most will keep the text chat option enabled.

This also refers to point 2, in which the “robotic” voice you’ve been hearing is likely the ‘Speech to text’ option.

Regarding point 3… JD GL spamming isn’t necessarily required to beat a Horde match. When I would play JD I normally kept two GLs with at least one Boomshot on a locker so unless I wanted to keep other explosives I would only really require a Level 2 locker(or 2 locker slots), and remained moderate in explosive use, which works perfectly fine and should still allow you to be good at killing most of the enemies regardless. So this is something you could consider when there isn’t much locker space available… but your teammates also should contribute to killing regardless. Also, try asking your Del/Baird to build more lockers, politely. Rather than throwing a hundredth barrier or another unnecessary Sentry out there.

Regarding point 4/5… I personally wouldn’t join lobbies with wannabe rulers who don’t want you to spend any power on the very useful perks. It ain’t worth the bother, just find lobbies with engis/hosts who are ok with it and find a balance you’re happy with. What I do is to deposit power from wave 1 until there is enough of a base built(I may get the first level of ult cooldown or extra health perks occasionally, but it’s just 1,000 power so no big loss…), and after that spend on perks, unless the engi has no power left in which case I’ll give some to them. But it really shouldn’t be an issue to run out of power with a Jack who’s active with the Forge.


Either quit or play how the host requires. That’s kind of your options.

Just a comment, playing with a jd who is constantly spamming GL is really not fun… Just keep that in mind…


Why is that?

Because he’s not a level 18 JD?


Never play with randomers - always play with friends in a private lobby. That’s my motto. Randomers are just too unpredictable. Sure you get a few gems, but more than often you get players who don’t really know what to do, and without communication it’s hard to work as a team.

Granted everyone on my friends list was a stranger at some point in the past, but they’ve basically been vetted since then.

Also, with a group of friends it’s standard that we’re all in party chat, communicating, getting organised, calling out threats and having a laugh. The dynamics are very different compared to a group of randomers.


Every time I play as JD and yes he is level 18 since that seems to be a thing now but when it comes to spamming the GL.

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On higher difficulties you will get locker space, especially as JD. Spamming the GL aint that popular though. Learn to use it effective, quality before quantity etc.

You deposit your power first thing every wave until around wave 30.

I rarely use mic and when I do no one talks anyway. It could be useful I guess but if everyone knows what they’re doing its kind of overrated.

To be honest, people can get picky for all kind of things and the kicking might have gotten a little out of hand if you ask me. Really nothing to care about.

Why you were kicked? The spamming could be it, not depositing could be it. Not “knowing your role” according to someone could be it or someone just thought your level was to low without even giving you a shot.

How many weapons locker slots do you want? Alot of people dont know how to use weapons lockers - how to rotate guns in a full weapons locker. A good engineer will have overclock - Kat has it by default and Del and Baird should use those cards. If youre a very good JD, you only need one slot on at least a level 2 locker.

Jack if possible upgrade forge(,Early) b4 barriers,can use JD’s (GLS)to get Kills/weapons/light for fabricator to upgrade to 4 in no time

Really, Kat has Overclock by default?

Hmmm. The passive (in Kats escape setup) states “weapons lockers are 10% more efficient”. Anecdotally ive played horde games where Kats lockers have refilled quickly compared to some low level Dels/Bairds ive played with. Also it seems to me that the higher the level WL, the faster it refills. My theory is that Kats lockers are 10-40% faster inline with 1-4 level. However this is just my anecdotal theory from the experience that ive admittedly paid little attention to. It seems strange to put this in the escape write up. Ill happily admit im wrong if someone with more time wants to test this. But for the time being ill go along with this buff in my head if i see a random Kat in horde.

only thing I can think of that you did was spam some mortars to a side that have players handling it comfortably so not necessary to shoot you GL to there side but Host has been kicking people for the dumbest things it’s why I host my horde games only way I boot people is when they troll

I too love to play as JD (Just because of a good combination with T-Bow). But I 'am not spammer. This is incredibly annoying and makes your gameplay is very boring and passive. Most of the game I use T-Bow - and apply the Lancer GL only on bosses. With a card that gives +5 charges for explosive weapons - I have enough of one Lancer on my back.

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For me personally playing JD I never even touch my perks. I deposit wave 1-50. JD is so powerful (or I’m just more efficient than others with him) there’s no need to upgrade him.


I played a game on master with JD when earning Lizzie (to get the 200 dropshot kills challenge) where I only used dropshot and boom shot the entire 50 waves of the game and it was probably the most fun I’ve had playing as JD.

TC patched her ESCAPE passive a few Updates ago .
Kat’s Horde Passive (of course) did not fit into Escape.
I think it was in the same Patch that added some Cards to Kat.

You was a random in our Lobby couple of days ago but a good one. :+1::yum: