Questions about movement, stopping power and shotgun?

Hi guys!

I’ve been playing gears since gears 1 and love the franchise. I have a few questions though about gears 4 I’m hoping can be answered.

  1. Regarding the movement, I slide into cover at an angle and my character will randomly face the opposite direction from where I’m headed. I wish I had video but basically is this just a nuisance that gets me killed. Is this an error in movement or intentional?

I understand I can pay attention and turn my character so maybe not a big deal but rather frustrating.

  1. Regarding stopping power and flinching I always thought it halted movement or slowed it down but I swear I’ve had times that it actually cancels my action. In other words, I go to slide or take an action and my character gets hit and won’t take that action. My question is if this is experienced by others and if it’s on purpose then what is the logic? I’ve played gears 2 and 3 and I thought stopping power was meant to punish blind, mindless rushing.

  2. Lastly the shotgun. Why is blindfiring from cover so slow? I understand your character is taking time to shoot while in cover but it seems like if your in the top tiers like onyx and up it basically becomes useless and gets you killed. My question is how did the developers want you to use it effectively?

I think my biggest problem with these situations is that I want to FEEL like I have control over my character until he dies. Thanks for taking time to answer.

Good questions.

The first one is hard to explain as I’ve mostly adapted to it from feel, but if I think about the reason why I can tell if my character is going to land left or right on cover I believe it’s in the angle. It may look like you’re headed straight for a cover, but any slight angle in approach will cause them to flip sides when they actually hit cover. The most confusing being when you go straight and end up flipping left. It used to really trouble me until I started doing a lot of angular bouncing, then I got a feel for it.

I won’t get deep into stopping power because I don’t know all the mechanics involved but in Gears 4,there’s an additional factor, which is the flinch. IMO, this awful mechanic is responsible for at least half of the “broken gnasher” instances. You get shot and your character flinches, causing your shot to go way off to the side.

The slow blindfire over cover is really one of the weaker elements of this game IMO. It frustrates many players and contributes to the large skill gap. Pulling off cover kills the animation and forces the shot to be immediate. Forcing animations to stop is the foundation for trick shots like the “back A”, “slap shot”, etc. With slower shots like that try pulling back, then immediately hitting A after to go back on cover. Especially on left hand cover where enemies feel confident pushing from their right. The higher levels of Gears involves a lot of tricks that break the animations so that the shots are quicker.

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I hate this flinch, it’s such nonsense, it kills so many of my precision shots (torque, embar, longshot, boltok) you pull the trigger on someone’s head and of course someone else hits you with a buller and you miss…

Don’t anyone try to justify it with “but in real life if you got shot…” it’s a video game about aliens who speak English where you can wall bounce and chainsaw people with your battle rifle… Its commitment to real life is non-existent :wink:

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