Questions about being the host on horde and kick players

I hosted and I joined a lot of custom hordes, from time to time I saw some unusual things, like:

1- Being kicked from the horde without really being kicked.

I was the host, and there were 2 players complaining about each other, I put pause to write in-game and 1 of them quit, the other one I kicked him out. Well, the first player (the one that I didn’t kick) came back and told me in-game chat why I kicked him out. Happened to me too, host never kicked me out but the game shows the message: “You were kicked out the game”.

2- Can you kick out players without pausing? (except between waves)

3- Had been some time since I encountered these glitches, but sometime Custom horde lobby 1 says “Welcome everyone” and the 2nd one says “lvl 18 only no Marcus, Fahz, etc”. I join lobby 1 but for some reason I join the 2nd lobby and got some very informative in-game messages about my lack of knowledge and how I don’t know how to read.

The other thing was when I joined and the lobby only shows some players. Lobby shows 3 players (JD, Jack and Kait), so I choose Del, and when I’m in the game, to my surprise there was already a Del.

4- This is only complaining about some players, but I really don’t understand why some lobbies says “lvl 18 only, JD, Kait, Engi, Jack needed”, I joined but the lobby has 2 engies lvl 12, Jack and JD, so I choose Kait lvl 18. I spawn in the game and the host just kicked me out. Really I don’t get it.

One time I was quickly kicked from a Lobby hosted by… myself! :grin:


That’s new for me :laughing:


Due to a one time bug, I was kicked from every lobby I tried to join, even from those hosted by myself! :grin:
Restarting the game fixed this problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t encountered those issues neither can I answer them.

There seems to be a way to kick players who don’t show up on Social Tab.

Number one seems to happen frequently for me. I like hosting Horde games and sometimes when pausing someone immediately leaves the game. Seemed weird to me that people leave 2 seconds after a pause screen, so them being kicked seems very logical.

Sometimes when a notification appears or host presses pause, the other players who were tapping A may accidentally enter ‘Options’ or ‘Quit to Main Menu’ which is annoying.

1 -had this issue this very morning,I was very laggy thou
4- It’s hard as hell on insane/master ,I’ve tried to politely say stay in cover on global network,but they go out like lone wolfs sadly,I cannot join in insane/master because majority of the time there friends want to join and I get kicked because of not being on there friends list,Which is ok with me,and I’ve played previous with them on lower difficulty insane but they forget that unfortunately,I’m a team player,thou this is non existent theses days always to get the more kills then the next team gamer