Questionable Alliances In Versus (Bug)

So, uhh. I feel like First Minister Jinn should launch a full investigation on these people. I just don’t think Paduk, Hana & Batista’s alliance with the COG is as strong as we think.
These traitors are not be trusted lmao.


Nah the Batista one makes sense
look at that face, pure evil.


I remember this issue at the beginning of the last Op in Versus. Both sides mixed up was difficult to play sometimes because you would see the cog and think it not a threat but there are the swarm side.

Hopefully it gets fixed as if your not in taccom it can be confusing.

I kinda want a mode like this because it’s funny.

Clearly Hana is guising as an ally to the Swarm to give them some gifts… very lethal gifts.

Paduk? We all know he’ll wipe them out from the inside after he gets rid of the COG.

Batista? I dunno, maybe he just thought it was cool.

Jokes aside, I don’t think this should happen, funny as it might appear at first.


It’s not like it’s an issue with assigning the right player to the right team before the match starts, either. As shown by the 2 screens, you can just flat out be assigned the wrong character.

I also saw Cole and Father Gearsmas Marcus in the Swarm ranks.

Ah, I should’ve known by those evil, red sunglasses.