Question to the PVE players: why master horde?

I agree and have always told my Horde friends that its really boring. I’ll only play if someone wants to do a “Challenge” (weak characters, or collect all taps, or base in a “bad” spot).

Those Horde friends just want cards to level 6, or to Master them all in case there’s an achievement later.

I think the truth is somewhere in between.

I think there are some players who “suck” so to speak. As in they either lack the knowledge of PVE and Horde, or lack some of the core skills (movement, shooting accuracy, decision making etc).

But that said, I also get the sense that there are some Horde players out there are who embedded in the meta that where they see other players doing things even a little bit differently, makes them jump to the conclusion that this player “sucks” or is a “noob” etc.

I played my first master game with randomers yesterday (I normally play with friends) for almost a year as an engineer and I found myself feeling really self-conscious and constantly checking with the Host what they wanted me to do, what order to build etc using the text-type chat. It’s just that normally I’m with friends in a party and we have established our own ways of playing, and confer new ideas etc, but with randomers I felt the need to cosntantly check because I know how fussy some playerds and hosts could be. Also had a JD in the game who was constantly demanding that I build him extra lockers, upgrade his locker, and hold off on building so he could buy more GL’s. I did message to say “why so many lockers? When I play as JD I just need 1!” but didn’t get a reply. Anyway, point is people do things differently and I get your point, different players do things differently. But I still think there are different levels of skill across the player base.


Main reason for playing Master Horde previously was for levelling up characters & skill cards , I don’t really have a reason to do that now as Escape speed runs are available to all characters (excluding Jack).

Post Op 4 I’m just playing Horde to play Horde so most of the time I go for Elite/Insane as these difficulties are more fun than the Master variant (IMO).

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I haven’t had any luck on Master with randoms, usually everyone’s doing their own thing under the guise of “teamwork”. Now playing Master with friends is a more fun and uplifting experience, you really get to see how well your unit works in tandem to get out of sticky situations, plus getting better card drops is just a nice bonus. I wish we also got coins after every session, it’ll make playing on the harder modes more incentivizing. :expressionless:

Lizzie is the best. Lizzie number 1.

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For me, if Gears 5 didn’t have a Master difficulty I would’ve quit it a long time ago. I only like, majority of the time, playing a game on its highest difficulty. I’ve played all Gears games that way. And since I don’t have PvP to lean on in this version, PvE masters is what’s keeping my attention, even though post-OP4 is easier, it’s all we have.

Their are definitely players that suck, rather its purposefully or not. Some people just don’t have the motor skills for certain situations, e. g. if someone is playing Fahz on Master an they chose to be in the front of all the teammates and they’re constantly going down from it that’ll mean they suck as Fahz. Now, if another Fahz player sits in the back tactically picking off enemies that’ll mean they don’t suck as Fahz. And this could be vise versa towards other characters.

Some people just have limits, and they can’t push over that threshold. So, does that make them suck when their in-game? Yes, but, realistically, that’s the best they have to offer, and their in-game play is all we can judge by. Knowing that same person personally could alter ones initial opinion.


I played master until I’d done all the launch maps for seriously. I haven’t done any since then as I do find it boring to just sit there, I usually hover around elite difficulty as you can deal with a bad teammate without the game being ruined. Since my gears team only consists of 1 other person atm it’s probably the best I can ask for :joy:
Even doing this I’ve still maxed out all horde characters and most of their loadouts

I would like to complete master runs on the other maps, but it is what it is :man_shrugging:

I play on Master sometimes, but most of the time I’d rather go for insane/incon. I hate the bullet sponges and meta obsessed players.
Games should be fun. The same build, in the same corner, with the same characters is rarely that.

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You can have fun at the lower difficulties why it’s necessary play masters??? If you’re looking for fun it’s not the adecuated difficulty go to insane… I don’t know or the campaign

Please reread what I wrote.

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Must be one of his haters. Can’t see any other reason for why that post would be flagged.

Or it was an accident, but I’d find that very hard to believe. You still have to click at least twice or even three times to report a post here.

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It’s not always that I agree with what’s said, but differing opinions within guidelines should always be valued.

Probably the comments about Microsoft donating to BLM affiliated groups and the comments about them being rioters. I expect that leans too closely to politics.



Only Difficulty where wiping even happens so even though its tedious the risk is there, the achievements associated with mastering maps, and it’s the only difficulty where I feel like I actually get character xp

Thats what I was thinking

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I play horde exclusively, only with randoms and master only. I’m not sure why I play master to be honest. Probably because it’s the least boring and somewhat challenging way to play horde.

I might add that this have changed some during the Gears 5 lifetime. I had a period when I preferred Insane or Inconceivable because I found master being to boring (during the time when GL spam was a thing). Taking it down a difficulty or two would then make you find players not sticking to the meta.

Now I’m back at master and what I’ve been in to lately is putting the fabricator in more unusual spots and see where it goes. Often it will have the team leave on you because your playing it “wrong” but every once in a while you’ll find a team that sticks around and you’ll have a moment of fun…kind of…

I don’t play nearly as much now than before though, maybe a couple of matches per week. Mainly because it’s gone dull.


I wish more people did this. Maybe it’s because I mostly play overnight and early morning hours, but no one ever decides to do something different. I only master as Jack (I know my limitations as a shooter) and even though I love playing Jack’s typical role, it would be nice to break the meta and have fun with him but still on master.

Well, honestly, it is mostly 1-1.5 h now, unless you play something like bunker…

We were speedrunning it through icebound with 50second waves…

Honesrly i play master because i find better players there…

We also frequently play incon since execution rules in horde are just annoying for a lot of characters …