Question to the PVE players: why master horde?

I’ve been thinking about it recently and honestly I have to ask. What is the appeal to playing master difficulty? I’m not saying it because it’s too easy or that it’s too hard (its neither, you guys just sweat your ■■■ off in horde.) i’m asking because recently I’ve been playing master difficulty just to do it and I gotta say it’s pretty boring.

I understand the appeal of difficulty and the payout for beating a horde or escape map on master is usually CASH MONEY but the gameplay for masters is so tedious all of the time it’s down right sleep inducing.

You basically set up on one spot and you sit there 50 waves straight either abusing the meta or getting abused by the game for playing it.
(Oh and getting abused by your teammates for trying to have fun as well.)
I get you guys wanna beat it as fast as possible (for some reason?) but where’s the fun in that? What happened to stacking bodies in the meat grinder that is gears of war?.

There’s not even a tangible reward (such as skins or coin that I know of ) for mastering horde maps so what’s the point? Why do YOU like mastering maps?

I don’t mean to make anyone feel like a loser or anything because that’s never my intention. I just don’t get why anyone finds master horde fun if it’s just an XP farm fest or a domestic abuse case against elite drones and Sentinals

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk


My guess would be the obvious. That as your character levels, the difficulty eases. Therefore at max level “Master” isn’t as much of a challenge as it used to be, especially when you have several players with maxed characters.

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It is tedious and it is long. The rewards are rubbish. The XP is nothing for 2.5 hours of game play and the cards are the same. You will get 5 times that playing escape for the same duration.
However a masters game with a good team or friends can be tonnes of fun and very rewarding especially if you haven’t mastered that map. Depends how you wanna play and you can play anyway you want with right group of people.



Exp n cards


The same reason people play ■■■■■■■ ranked versus.
(In other words, because they like getting into ■■■■ measuring contests and for Faded glory.)


I honestly don’t enjoy a 50 run anymore unless I know someone else in the lobby.

Running 50 without any communication is boring now.

Frenzy is what I enjoy most now.


I like the gameplay of being able to run around and facing off against several foes myself. Starting with a rifle at long range, take out a couple of enemies, switch to shotgun when close to take out one or two more and then finishing of with the knife. That is fun for me.
Sitting in cover and going down if I stick my head out for more then 3 seconds is not.
Nor seeing the whole team go down to one elite drone that caught them out of cover…

So yeah, I don’t enjoy playing on the harder levels :slight_smile:

Something to increase the difficulty would be objectives. I really liked the mp in Mass Effect 3. Where certain waves you had random objectives. Like diffusing bombs or escorting a package within a certain time limit.
Could be neat with something similar here.

For me it’s the achievements.


Achievements, XP, Medals. Plus a sense of accomplishment. Personally I do not play Masters Horde because I am not a brilliant player but I also don’t have the time to dedicate to it. For me, the sweetspot is insane or inconceivable Frenzy - using my maxed characters with level 5 or 6 cards. It is still a challenge but not so difficult that one wrong move spells disaster.

But other people are different. Some like to speed run their games. Some like to challenge themselves with the hardest difficulty. Or knife only runs, or whatever. And others just like to slaughter everything and make everything go boom. Horses for courses, strokes for folks, etc.


why masterhorde ?

Because its a matter of a passion towards playing the game at its limits .


I still haven’t got around to doing master runs yet despite having a couple of characters levelled up enough. I’m having too much fun speedrunning frenzy. Maybe one day

Because of friends who for some reason only do Master Horde 90% of the time(when I usually just find it tedious because it’s a cheap difficulty where enemies sponge a lot, almost never miss and insta down - sure, I am good enough to handle it, but I generally prefer to stick around mid level difficulties), or to test the viability of certain character builds, and what better than to do that on the highest difficulty(with appropriate skill levels ofc)?

Oh, and to get the Seriously achievement. Sometimes others requiring Master completion. Seemingly can’t even do those on Frenzy now due to some senseless change TC made.

Sometimes I get a little bored of playing the more fun lower-mid level difficulties, but that is more rare.

Otherwise, if I actually had friends who played more than the “elitist” highest difficulty setting I probably would barely be touching it. I absolutely hated Master Horde in Op 1-3 and basically hardly ever played it. It’s only slightly better in Op 4, no thanks due to more players not insisting on boring JD/Marcus/Kait/Jack/engi(or really any other two in place of engi and Jack) setups for everything anything and everything. Some of the balance changes have actually made Master fun to play from time to time now, rather than it always being a tedious chore.


Because everything below Master is even more boring than playing Master. But at least on Master you have greater odds to drop the cards you still need. Once you handle the mechanics, you’re through a Master run from 1-50 in 1.5h. 20mins for 1-12.

I’m playing only for the cards, XP and the self-created challenges (like no skill cards). Obviously these challenges are not worth it on lower difficulties.

Although I’ve done various multiple Master Horde with randoms, but lately I’d think 50 times before jumping into such thing with players I don’t know.

Cards drop rng is what drives me mad the most as I’ve stopped counting the times I earned greens and blues only…sheesh!


I wanted to master them all. After that I will only play the handful I really enjoy or speed run for cards instead of playing escape over and over. I can speed run overload in less than an hour now on masters and I have someone on my FL who has done it in 43 minutes. I never normally engage in those practices but the card system has forced my hand as the least boring way of grinding a character.

I like the challenge of masters but there are plenty of maps I will never play again on any difficulty.

Iuggg overload… Try other maps

So you really sound like someone who ever plays with randoms and it’s too possible you came from multiplayer trying to find a new experience

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I never even attempted master difficulty before TC made horde (and PVE in general with the changes to active reload cooldown) so much easier in Operation 4. Although JD might’ve been strong enough to carry the whole team before they nerfed explosive bleed and he still spawned with the grenade lancer, I just never had his bleed card drop for me with the old drop rates to find out for myself (actually, come to think of it, I still haven’t had one drop), but the damage I saw some JD players do on insane probably would’ve been enough for master too back then.

I play master difficulty just to say I’ve mastered all of the maps. It makes me feel good to be able to say that I’ve done it. If I’m playing for fun though, I play on Insane, always with extra enemy health off because of how much of a difference it makes. I used to play mostly on elite, but once coins were made a thing I was able to craft nearly all the cards I needed.

Reflecting on it now, we had it pretty bad back then with the bad drop rates for card rarities, not enough scrap to craft the ones we needed, and the long active reload cooldown limiting our window of meaningful damage output unless you had a heavy weapon.


Because in master horde you don’t meet stupides guys who don’t know how to play horde and when a noob come he ’ s kick … In other difficulty it s boring and too many stupides guys who sucks …

^^^^^^^^^This is the dumbest thing I have ever read and not even because he can barely speak English. I’m gonna tell you guys this right now a little PSA.

NOBODY (and yes I mean nobody) SUCKS AT HORDE. Y’all need to relax and leave players alone. Just because they don’t abuse the meta everytime they play and capitalize on the smallest things it makes them bad? Please stop. Jesus

I get players being annoying yes that’s it but nobody sucks, nobody.