Question: the scions & speaker are locust obviously?

But since they command the swarm army, are they officially considered ‘The Swarm’ or are they still the ‘Locust’ as we know them?

A lot of the scions still don locust runes and emblems, are they aware of the meaning behind them?

Are they technically still the “…Locust horde…”?

Evolved Locust. Why TC made the Swarm icon for literally none of the Swarm to use it or for them to make crude flags with it is beyond me. Some of the Swarm Drones even have Locust symbols on their belts or otherwise.


So are we grouping the scions with the swarm or are they still individually locust?

Yeah always wondered what that was about with the swarm icon…

Ehm… for that question you’re probably better off asking someone who has more insider lore knowledge like Parasidian. Assuming you know who they are.

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Start here.

While there is some disagreement, remember it’s just a game with story writers. Mystery and holes in writing are part of it.

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The scions are in fact still the locust, however they lead the swarm.

The swarm itself is basically a conscripted army made by the locust to fight another war against the “hoomans” until all the locust awaken from their hibernation evolution process. People think that the swarm is basically the evolved locust army, BUT it isn’t the locust army. It’s an entirely new army that’s contrived from either evolved hollow creatures or genetic altered experiments that we haven’t seen yet. The scions are what lead the swarm and raised them to carry on the hatred and fury they themselves hold (or that myrrah holds and completely forces the locust and swarm to feel as well because she’s that powerful!)

As for the speaker…
He is a very intelligent scion that should have a lot of controversy around him… until he died near the end of the 4th game. Thanks TC for giving us someone that could have evolved into the son of RAAM, but instead became the biggest jobber in gears history.

So to speak, they are in fact the union of two armies, which will be a perfect match against the United humans and deebee resistance.

There. That’s it. Piss off.


Scions and Wardens are Locust that have been in metamorphosis for 25+ years. Scions, along with the Speaker, lead the Swarm who were initally humans captured by Snatchers, then transformed into Imagos (or is it Juvies?) via the pod process.

I dont know if it’s been explained yet by TC to where creatures like Snatchers and Pouncers come from, but I think it’s safe to say they’re just more weird ■■■■ living in the hollows. Sort of like the Leeches

Juvies and then Imagos. :slightly_smiling_face:

You were doing so well until this paragraph, which I believe you should be condemned to hell to burn for all eternity, no offence.

The Locust and their Queen have every right to hate the villainous humans for their experiments and their violent nature. The Locust fight to survive, the Humans fight to conquer.

The Queen could not have approached the humans to propose a truce as she knew they would automatically feel threatened by what they didn’t know and it would give them a crucial warning, warning the Locust of E-Day’s surprise advantage. Humans are the true genocidal monsters, sacrificing millions of their own in a desperate attempt to turn the tide.

As for the Queen’s “nagging”. She cares deeply for her children and wants nothing more than for them to live their lives, which is impossible when their home is under attack from the Lambent and the surface is polluted with the humans.

EDIT: Regarding the “current” story, the Swarm’s reason for fighting the humans is simply the fully justifiable need for revenge. The humans all but wiped their entire species as well as killing their Queen, her physical form anyway. They are right to pursue vengeance.


The Lambent kinda are gone though so unless the Hollow is no longer habitable in its entirety - which, let me say it, is extremely doubtful, especially as the Lambent appear to have managed to survive in there and thrive - what reason do the Locust still have to continue their own genocide even on those more concerned with their own survival?

I think there’s just a lot of hand waving away things in the gears universe, cause based on how gears 3 ended, nothing locust should’ve survived, but here we are with scions (who are technically zombie locust if you think about it), so new creatures from the hollow would be even harder to explain, so I think we just gotta accept the fact that there’s always gonna be new, unexplained creatures to kill.



I edited my above post as I meant to include the answer to this question.

But, as I’ve added, their reason is revenge. Revenge for their near-extinction. And rightfully so. The humans deserve all the suffering they get, it’s the least they deserve.

Well, the swarm - if I remeber correctly - never refer themeselves as “the swarm”. In fact, it is del, JD and Kait who baptized them, and the whole humanity just rolled with it. Hell, even Marcus says “the what?” when JD brings their name in a conversation back in GOW4.

It looks like the swarm heard the name given by the humans and they were like “ok, we are the swarm then… ¡for the hive!”

Yet again we disagree, fervent defender of the Locust and Swarm. Unless you wanted to have all life on Sera wiped out or assimilated by the Lambent, Adam had no real choice but to trigger the countermeasure even knowing it would affect the Locust negatively because he had no time to do such, despite trying. The Locust at the height of their power couldn’t hold off the Lambent in the Hollow, I have my doubts that weakened as they were by the war at two fronts by 17 AE, they could have held off the Lambent as they began to assault Azura not long after Marcus arrived and got some reinforcements in.

Aka the Locust now are just being petty and angry and want to smash some stuff.

The court is still out on the judgement but as it stands right now, the Locust are the aggressors with genocidal tendencies and attacked the humans who were simply rebuilding at that point. As Myrrah said in her last ditch, both her and Marcus(or was it Adam? those exact details of the exchange elude me at this moment) are genocidal monsters. They’re certainly no better than anyone else right now.

Maybe. I understand that point regarding the Lambent War. Had the humans been wiped out initially on E-Day as planned, the Lightmass Bombing and the Sinking of Jacinto wouldn’t have taken place. Both of them contributed greatly to the spreading and growth of the Lambent to the point they were a global threat. They would’ve stood a much greater chance of eliminating the Lambent. But alas, it’s debatable. The Humans unexpectedly used the Hammer of Dawn on millions of their own and ruined the Locust’s first attack.

No. They’re far from being “petty”. The Humans were all but wiped out by the time of Gears 2, so they decided to “survive” by taking the fight to the enemy. The Swarm are applying the same principle.

Justifiably genocidal with a vengeful influence. The humans don’t deserve to successfully rebuild after they destroyed so much. The real victim is the Queen. We all know why thanks to Gears 5. She deserves justice. Gears 6 should deliver this, but we all know the undeserving humans will find a way to prosper.

Oh, and her comparison of the Humans and Locust as “genocidal monsters” was very accurate. It was directed at Adam, who she also asked to recognise all the humans most admirable qualities in the Locust.

Yeah, we could argue for that one until eternity or the universe ends. The Locust saw themselves as the ‘good guys’ trying to eradicate the humans they saw as a threat due to their nature, but then, they caused humans(or at least the governments/political leaders as we know they usually are the main minds behind wars and conquering other nations/species) to force such destruction because of the unprecented and from the eye of the humans unwarranted act of aggression. Would there have been an incineration of most of the surface, the Lightmass bombing and the sinking of Jacinto, allowing Lambency to fester, had it not been for the Locust deciding the best possible course of action was not to challenge the odds but instead decide the coin landed on its face before it had reached the ground? You can see where I’m going, it’d be a neverending argument.

If we’re talking the UIR vs COG conflict preceding E Day, that was just a squabble because of ideological differences and fighting over resources they could just have shared, something not every faction had a part in and some sought to differentiate themselves from such, like the Outsiders after the Locust War who had no intentions to associate themselves to the COG dictatorship built by Jinn. But the Swarm remain indifferent regardless.

Besides, the surface doesn’t belong to one species or the other. Neither does whatever is below the surface.

Nor would I qualify genocidal tendencies as ‘admirable’, and it seemed some humans were trying to put that behind them, only to be forced back into a sad reality that living peacefully was no option either due to the overzealous central factions or certain monsters deciding to try to wipe every human being out. Yes, you wouldn’t have humans gassing entire hives or trying to reestablish the Hammer of Dawn network if the Swarm weren’t around, most likely.

This is really a great response, you’re bringing up things I haven’t thought about. But you destroy it with the last part. I recommend removing that, because it kills everything you’ve said before.

Regarding the old (Gears 1-3) saga, the human race was an irrelevant factor. The Locust tried to stop the Lambent, they failed. They tried to avoid them by conquering the surface by exterminating the human race. They nearly succeeded, but failed because they pushed humanity into a desperate position. By Gears 2, the goal was to sink Jacinto and flood the Hollows to get rid of the Lambent, but with Gears 3 we can see it only made the situation worse. The Lambent were winning and if it weren’t for Adam’s device, all life on Sera but the Lambent would have ended . Because of Adam, the Locust survived. Because if they were unable to defeat them in the Hollows, they definitely wouldn’t have been able to hold them off in Azura. Arguably, you could say that the Swarm should be grateful for humanity, because if even if they had conquered humanity they would have perished to the Lambent. Now the Lambent are gone, so the Locust/Swarm do not have to concern themselves with Lambency any more. All that’s left are the humans.


My god, and here I thought I seen enough heresy from the Arkham fan base about cheese coffee.

“A poison such as vengeance is most lethal to the hand that wields it!”

It’s obvious that the locust want revenge for what came to their brethren during the very early cycle of when they were being created along with what happened to Myrrah.

The problem with that is that THEY ALREADY KILLED ALL THE SCIENTISTS THAT WERE TORTURING THEM!!! Vengeance was already achieved the moment they killed and destroyed the facility and escaped into the hollows to create the locust hive Known as nexus. However, it’s obvious that something happened to Myrrah for her to snap and condemned all humans to death, something worse that might or might not be a comic already (I don’t know because I didn’t even know gears had comics until I seen mechanic Mac) before the lambent showed up and started pushing them out of the limitless hollows, making E-day to happen.

I know what power does to people who don’t know how to wield it appropriately, and it’s obvious that everything myrrah has suffered through would completely justify why she decided to lead the locust to push into the surface to rule the world, but that does NOT EXCUSE HER RESPONSE OF CAUSING MASS GENOCIDE OF HER OWN RACE!

You are willing to tell me that her causing E day was completely because she wanted to kill humans because of what they did to her and the locust race in an act of vengeance?

Because that is NOT why she did it. She caused e day because they found something worse then the humans above: the lambent below. They were far more susceptible to the lambent then the humans due to the parasitic life form already being apart of their genetic DNA and when they tried fighting it, the locust were decimated immensely. They lost way more of their race against the lambent then the humans and she knew that with them being susceptible to the lambent horror, they would be wiped out to the last locust drone if they didnt act quickly and ruthlessly. So what did myrrah do? CAUSED E DAY TO HAPPEN AND TAKING FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE PENDULUM WAR TO WIPE OUT HUMANITY!!!

How did she come to this decision? It’s easier to take then to give and with the torture the locust and herself received from the humans during her time being experimented on, she had the image that all humans are the same and in truth all humans are bad. That humanity is bad. Her hive would understand and fully follow her as their queen and again, because she is connected to all of them in a psychological manner, ultimately came to the decision to invade the surface world, kill all humans above and find a way to destroy the lambent afterwards.

HOWEVER, after E day has commenced, she discovered that humanity was far more complicated to deal with then the lambent was and faced a counter attack that caused the favor of war to become critical: The hammer of dawn countermeasure system.

This literally caused the advantage the locust had to disappear and now made the locust army to become entrapped by both the lambent and the humans, making the war for survival even more worse for her and her race. Within the years she started to lose both fronts, lost the legendary locust leaders she had faith in by the lambent, humans, and even by other locust leaders (RAAM and Sraak for example) and had everything she came to create fall before her, she got desperate and in came the gears of war games.

So to come to a conclusion, you are not right but you are also not wrong. All sort of ■■■■ was happening and Sera itself was falling apart by different things happening in and out of the planets own crust, with those three forces of nature causing the destruction itself and the end of the world being imminent.

All three sides are to blame for gears of war to be happening and because it is happening, we all got interested in it and now here we are, in the future of that legend that is the gears of war franchise.


And I haven’t even spoken about the connection between myrrah and Adam fénix. That connection is when myrrah realized that she made a huge mistake and had to deal with the consequences of her decision( but we aren’t supposed to know that yet.)

I am done for now and my mind is blank, but you should know that in the end, war is never the answer, but it’s the quickest solution for survival and it will always lead to depression no matter which side wins.

Also I have already burned in hell, I wake up to the pain everyday and unfortunately I cannot tell you more because it will go against the community rules since it’s my life and real life shouldn’t be mixed with the horror that is gears of war. Hopefully you understood what I was trying to say and if you didn’t, be ready for even longer posts from me as I love to discuss things!