Question: The best class (or top 5) to pick every weapon in Escape


Marksman and Nomad (random players) fought each other in order to determine which class needs the Markza more.

Assuming that players are skilled and with lvl 6 cards.

And the best class for not using any weapon (Is BM the top one class?)


(Also, is Veteran a better class for picking EMBAR instead of Mechanic? A lot of players took the EMBAR on The Clock while I’m playing as Mechanic)

Play Blademaster and you won’t even need a weapon.


That’s a good point too. I’ll add to the question.

(I’m leaving BM as the last class to get lvl 6 cards, I want to do something different for the last class, and BM is a very fun and powerful class to play)

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Blademaster, Brawal, Protecor and Nomad dont need any weapons to do its job. What i don’t like about blademaster is you have to wait for venom and some hives venom moves so slow and randoms clearly don’t wait so i am essentially useless throughout the whole hive.

I think it is still picking up a random weapon from the ground for quick meatshield discarding.



You can melee combo non-Elite-class Drones and get behind Rejects for Executions otherwise the Boltok stun helps a ton (unless you don’t count that since it starts with it) and of course Lancer bayonets. While very adaptable I wouldn’t say Nomad doesn’t need weapons.

Heck, for Escape, Blademaster needs Venom for the usual Bleed so I’d say Protector has the edge there, along with Brawler.

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I count the botok as a weapon. All non elite enemies like you said nomad works wonders against with no weapons. Brawal, Nomad and Protector would probably be my top 3 to thrive with no weapons.

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There’s lots of little variables to be honest. It depends on what other weapons are available at the time; what weapons are available later and when?

If we’re using The Clock as an example, the encounter after the Markza is picked up is a small one and there is an EMBAR and Longshot straight after, so it almost becomes a petty argument.

On Gatekeepers you get a Markza and Longshot at the start so it’s easy enough to share. But there is also Lancers available for the Nomad if they’re using cards like Faze.

If I remember correctly the Nomad has higher damage potential tied to Consecutive Shot but it’s obviously reliant on them landing consecutive critical hits.

I think the main thing is that everyone should be able to contribute somewhat and weapons and ammo are shared.

I had a Demolitions yesterday grab an EMBAR and Hammerburst on the Split (which was fine as there were plenty and everyone else had an EMBAR anyway) and then grab every single blue ammo box in the two supply rooms at the start. As a result my Infiltrator had no ammo after picking up an Overkill immediately after (I doubled back immediately for ammo). The Demolitions then played down my complaint by saying that the Tactician should use their Ammo Resupply ultimate. We both left the game after that. But this was the worst kind of selfish behaviour. I dont care that they had unoptimised weaponscos no one else needed or wantwd them, but they used all of the ammo for unoptimised weapons which was where they crossed the line.

And regarding the Veteran / EMBAR thing, the Veteran has Headshot Mastery which is up to 60% extra critical hit damage; and there is also the Last Ditch card which gives you an extra buff if your health is below 85% or something. I think the extra damage is 80% or something, so potentially quite high damage in total. But then from a sharing perspectice the Veteran would get these buffs with all weapons whereas the Mechanic gets buffs for DeeBee weapons so hypothetically it would make sense for the Mechanic to have the EMBAR and the Veteran has the Longshot so everyone has a weapon each.

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Yes, those randoms were fighting on The Clock

Weird question to answer. The usual “it depends” is there.

A Nomad is better of executing than sniping though if you’re considered playing with skilled players so that Markza would definitely go into the hands of the Markzman. Nomad can just chain-execute enemies even without a Lancer or Retro. Marksman can also pickup ammo and trade all his Boltok ammo to Nomad.

Maces go to Striker, Blademaster, Protector. All of these technically don’t require a weapon to be viable in Escape but it helps all of them (Striker probably the most because that’s the only way to apply bleed to an enemy).

Gnasher goes to Infiltrator and otherwise Protector and finally Slugger (stunning effects) and then pretty much any other class who may need some bullets. Don’t forget Deception with Architect. Walking around an enemy and shoot it from behind is very easy to benefit from an additional 200% powershot every time. Generally nice against Sires. Of course other classes like Blademaster or Nomad have boni with that weapon too but their respective cards are generally never used.

Overkill goes to once again Infiltrator, otherwise probably Mechanic or Robotics Expert and then any other class. Infiltrator is the only real class to greatly benefit from the Overkill. The two Engineers only have a slight benefit from it.

Longshot goes to Markzman primarily and then any other class that has some benefits of it. Pretty much any class can use a Longshot, it just depends on who may be the best sniper on your team really.

Embar is the “it depends” one, generally I’d say Markzman first (e.g. The Split) but it can also be handed to a Mechanic or Veteran for instance. It’s generally a nice gun simply because of the stunning effect.

Markza is also a “it depends” one but generally I’d give it to Markzman first and then any other class. Again a bunch of classes benefit from it such as Anchor and Nomad but both of these two have better means playing a different playstyle (Nomad with executions, Anchor with the Boltok).

Boomshot goes to Demolitions and then Tactician. Demo does more damage than Tac. Tac can play with any weapon due to Disciplined.

Lancer GL is the same with Demo and Tac being first. In theory, Tac would be better suited with it due to Disciplined but I’d still hand it to Demo first if there really is one in your team.

Lancer goes to Nomad, then Veteran, then Combat Medic, then anything else (maybe Brawler next due to burning rounds). Nomad’s execution I’d consider to be more viable than the damage from the Veteran. Combat Medic has a rifle buff via Passive already hence I’d consider that class to be third in line.

Retro Lancer is the same concept as above.

Dropshot goes to Pilot, then Tac, then Demo. Pilot has the stunning ability and additional damage from it, Tac could use Speed Loader with it technically and Demo only gets bleed from it really. (Relic Dropshot is different - here it doesn’t matter who uses it, preferably a class that doesn’t rely on weapons)

Enforcer goes to Mechanic, then Robotics Expert, then Tactician, then anything else. Mechanic completely melts enemies with it, RE gets to have reduced bloom making this a laser gun for him essentially. Tac because of Disciplined with similar effects to Mechanic.

Hammerburst goes to Tac. Once again Disciplined makes this gun do wonders. Brawler can also benefit from it greatly with the burning effects.

Torque Bow to Gunner then probably either Markzman, Tactician or Robotics Expert should get it, potentially Demo too. Gunner has good bleed on it. The Markzman will have to do headshots with it while Robotics Expert MUST NOT do headshots with it. Tac and Demo because of little bleed.

Buzzkill goes to whoever has no weapon or no bullets or whatever. Generally a gun that’s not too viable and almost never used.

Mulcher goes to Gunner.

Trishot goes to Gunner and otherwise Mechanic (reduced recoil, it works pretty well on The Link).

Cryo Cannon euh… I guess anyone can use that really. Hardly ever used.

Salvo goes to Tac, then Demo or Mechanic. Generally a very powerful weapon.

Claw can be used with anyone really. Sure Blademaster gets a buff card but it’s hardly ever used. Probably Tac benefits the most from it - Disciplined FTW.

Scorcher goes to Brawler if you really want to use it…

Frags go to Slugger then Demo then Tac.

Flashes for Nomad then everyone else.

Smokes for CQC classes (whoever randomly gets a hold of it by meatshielding Elite Hunters).

Shocks for Robotics Expert then Slugger. I believe the damage for RE is slightly higher than Slugger if I’m not mistaken.

Flames for Brawler.


No gunner. The bleed for gunner is higher than tact and demo bleed.

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Oh I completely forgot about that. Good point.

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Thank you very much for the answer, very informative :slight_smile:

I just have only one question: Why RE doesn’t have to do headshots with Torque?

Bleed. You get less (or even 0) bleed for headshots.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Now I need to keep in mind that detail

Fahz used to get a buff for the Cryo Cannon (I last noticed this around Op 2-3). Is this still the case with the Marksman?

If I remember correctly it was the equivalent of what ever Exploit Weakness provided. I noticed way back that picking up the Cryo Cannon would make the box next to your ammo counter display a percentage buff. It seemed to freeze enemies faster than usual as well.

I just had a quick look and was reminded that the box neext to your ammo counter indicating buffs, was changed and doesn’t include all buffs now. The Marksman for example only displays the buff from the weapon cards like Modified Longshot or Modified EMBAR, and not from Exploit Weakness and Ambush, so there is no indicator for the Cryo.

Can’t tell, though if you want to freeze enemies fast, use Gunner with the relevant card.
Again, Cryo is hardly worth it. I guess the only exception really being The Warren and there it really doesn’t matter who uses it.