Question regarding the trello and Exe2.0 feedback

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Sera hasn’t updated anything on the trello for almost 3 months and Kilo for over a month. So what was the point of this thing if it isn’t even getting updated regularly, biweekly or something like that? I know TC doesn’t care about communicating, but stuff like this really hammers the point in.

And Exe 2.0 wasn’t even worth a pinned feedback thread? I kinda understand that since it’s still a terrible mode.



Future content.

1st rule of gears 5…

We (TC) dont talk about gears 5.

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Does nothing for me.

The power of edge.

It’s just links showing the activity of Sera/Kilo on trello, nothing special.

But most of that stuff is past content now. Escape rooms are working again and they’re still being investigated according to the trello.

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We all know that sometimes each department doesn’t communicate well with what their adding into the next update/patch. Perhaps nobody knew some of these bugs were getting fixed🤔

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I thought that with Dana leaving TC would bring in someone competent enough to communicate with the player base but it appears they didn’t and Kilo as Community Manager can only do so much.

The Trello is a good example of how communication works with TC, they promise more transparency and they do so for a few weeks then stop. Then they promise “more content, more frequently” but something got lost in translation because I’ve yet to find the “more content” part in this operation.

No disrespect to Sera, but after the first couple of weeks, she’s slowly turning into Octus: “someone hard to dislike but certainly someone who could’ve done so much more”. At least she posts on the forums a lot more than Octus ever did.

Keep the Trello updated, pin important Reddit/Twitter announcements on the fan based forums (hard to call them official), ask the community, do surveys. Ryan Fools from the Esports team is usually doing surveys and asking their players opinions.

Am I asking too much?


While I cannot comment fully, we’re looking at options and adjustments. I know it’s not what people want to hear, and I wish I could comment more, but we are aware of short-comings with the intent behind the Trello, and want to move forward to something that is that level of transparency, but suits how we can use it more.

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I came here looking for answers, but I left even more confused than I was before.