Question regarding mmr/pro players

So basically, is there still some kind of mmr in competetive?

Because… I do play the game a lot and I do see the same people from time to time but I’ve never seen any, for example, pro players or famous youtube/twitch player, Hows that?
Is it because they are at higher mmr or is it different region maybe? Some clarity would be interesting lol

@SnubbbS help our man out

I have seen and been mostly disappointed by many back on the original trilogy and Gears 4. I’ve played PvE for so long now due to achievements but there’d be no difference at all.

They’re no different to anybody else when they play at their homes and will connect to matches like anybody else. It’s not like they have their own unique VIP servers.

The other obvious explanation is they’ll have alternate accounts for public play and chances are they’ll use them more so than their “Pro” account. Pitiful, yes. But feasible.

I meant as in I play in Europe and they play in US so our paths doesnt cross due to different server regions

It thins the chances but it’s definitely not impossible. I’ve played on US Servers. It’s not fun, but that’s to be expected.

Nothing can be worse than playing against two players from Hong Kong on KotH Nowhere back on Gears of War 2…shivers.

Hahaha, that is rough.

Can you choose server prefrence or something like that to get matched with players from specifially US for example? Console

Let’s be honest… there hasn’t been any MMR in Gears 5

No, you can only choose to prioritise either connection or the speed of finding a match.