Question regarding 'Happy Killmore' achievement in Gears: Tactics

This achievement is for closing an E-Hole by kicking a Ticker into it. I’m aware that the first opportunity you can get this is Act 2-Chapter 7 'Baiting the Hook. However, due to just how many Tickers there are during it I found it pretty much impossible to get in the right position in time to kick a Ticker into the E-Hole due to them constantly rushing me and exploding, me not having enough AP etc. My question is, is there any other opportunities in the second half of Act 3 or during Veteran Missions where I can try again or am I screwed till I do another playthrough???

I found this to be a very frustrating achievement until I realized I could save and redo it as many times as I needed to get the achievement on that mission and then dashboard or reload my last save to continue that mission normally.

Act 2 Ch 7 really is the best place to do it. One thing to watch out for is that even though the direction line may say that the ticker will get kicked into the hole, it’s not a guarantee if the ticker is too far away. So what you may need to do is use Gabe to give your scout extra AP and then have the scout sprint closer in order to kick the ticker into the hole. You may even need to have a one character kick the ticker close to the hole and another character kick it into the e-hole to close it. Just remember to save before you attempt this so you can revert to it and have as many tries as you need to close it.

There are technically opportunities in later missions, but they are much harder to set up. So if you’ve already passed this mission you may need to wait until your next playthrough. Good luck.

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I would offer my help here, but I just can’t remember where/how I got this achievement! Oh, I got it in November 2020… that explains why. There are definitely e-holes in Control Veteran mode, but whether there are tickers, can’t remember.

Tickers are fairly common, but E-Holes are REALLY damn rare in Act 3.

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